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International Equal Pay Day 18th September 2020

Equal pay Day is the symbolic day to raise awareness of the gender pay gap. This date in the U.S. symbolizes how far in the year the average woman would work to gain what the average man receives in the previous year irrespective of experience or type of employment.  Year after year the exact day varies.  On 2nd April 2019; on average, it is reported that women earn $0.80 for every dollar received by men. According to the American Association of University Women, after hours of work, job sector, education, and jobs the wage disparity by gender is down to 7 percent.

The average wage gap for women in the United States often differs by gender and thus has different dates to consider how early in the year an average female of colour has to work to achieve what the average male received in the previous year without taking into account the type of employment, education, etc.

Celebrated for the first time on 18 September, International Equal Pay Day reflects the long-standing movement to obtain equal pay for jobs of equal importance. It builds further on the dedication of the United Nations to human rights and all types of discrimination, including discrimination against women and children.

About Gender Pay Gap

Women are paid less in all regions than men, with an overall world-wide gender wage gap of 23%. The persistence of historical and structural inequalities of power between women and men, poverty and inequalities, and disadvantages in access to the resources and opportunities which limit women’s and girls’ ability to achieve, continue to halt gender equality and girl’s empowerment. Progress has been made in narrowing the distance. Although equal pay is generally recognised for men and women, it was difficult to apply it in practise.

Women focus on employment with less wages, lower skills that are more unstable in their careers and are underrepresented in decision-making. ILO, United Women and allies are in charge of the Equal Pay international Coalition (EPIC). The goal of the Coalition is for women and men to be paid equally everywhere. EPIC assists governments, employers, staff and their organisations in making meaningful and organised progress towards this objective through the coming together of different players with various fields of emphasis and expertise. EPIC is officially, at global, regional and national level, the only multi-stakeholder alliance to work on the reduction of gender wages.

Event Campaign

International Equal Pay Day 2020: Building back a better future of work by ensuring pay equity

The International Equal Pay Coalition (EPIC) will host a virtual global Call for Action to empower all labour markets operators to take the measures needed to ensure equal pay plays a central role in recovery efforts worldwide. This event will take place on the first International Day of Equal Pay and in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Swikriti Dandotia