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World Radio Day 13th February 2024- Theme, History and Objectives

Of all the dramatic media , radio is the most visual”

Radio is an effective platform for the celebration of humanity in all its diversity and a forum for democratic debate. Radio is the most commonly used tool at the global level. Its unique ability to reach out to the widest audience ensures that radio can influence society’s perception of diversity, serve as a forum for all voices to speak, be reflected and heard.

World Radio Day 2024 Theme

This year the theme of the World Radio Day 2024 is Radio: A century informing, entertaining and educating

The theme of World Radio Day in 2024 sheds focus on radio’s extraordinary history, current relevance, and promising future.

Radio’s 100-year anniversary presents an opportunity that should be proclaimed loudly. The century marks an opportunity to openly highlight the medium’s numerous virtues and enduring potency. This comes at a good time because radio, despite being statistically popular and highly trusted by the public, is facing more obstacles to growing its audience and revenue. These include social media’s widespread presence, digital and generational divides, censorship, and, for some media, the burden of crippling debt brought on by consolidation. Additionally, economic hardships are being made worse by a soft advertising market.

The radio’s enduring legacy and its profound influence on journalism, theater, music, sports, and more

The continued usefulness of radio as a comparatively cheap and portable public safety net in times of emergency and power outages caused by both man-made and natural disasters, including heat waves, wildfires, earthquakes, floods, storms, and war

When Radio Day is declared as International Day?

The proposal was submitted by the Spanish Radio Academy to the UNESCO Board Member on the declaration of World Radio Day on 20th September 2010. In November 2011, the request was adopted by all UNESCO Member States.

Why Radio Day is celebrated on 13th February?

On 13 February 1946, United Nations Radio was launched to broadcast dailynews and stories about the work of the United Nations and its associated countries. To mark the anniversary of the founding of the United Nations Radio, the 13th of February was chosen as the date for the observation of World Radio Day.

World Radio Day Quotes

  • “With Radio listener absorbs every thing”
  • “Radio is the most intimate and socially personal medium in the world”
  • “In radio you have two tools , Sound and Silence”
  • “Radio is the theater of Mind,Television is the theater of Mindless”
  • “Its not true that i had nothing on ,I had the radio on”
  • “On TV people can see it ,On radio you’ve got to create it”
  • “Humans would become very sick without natural radio frequency (RF) exposures.”
  • “Make the radio that you want to listen to”
  • “Keep calm and listen to the radio”

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