How to choose a western saddle?

Whenever you go to saddle your horses, they might like to swish their tail or flatten their ears. Some horses do not show much discomfort, but you might not be able to balance during your rides. In case some of the scenarios mentioned above sound familiar, it means that the saddle doesn’t fit you or your horses properly. Hence, it is crucial to find the right saddles, which you can from brands such as circle y saddles. Your horses will only perform well if they don’t interfere with the natural movement and the saddle allows them to move freely. Similar to poorly fitting shoes that disrupt your entire routine of the day, ill-fitting saddles can make a difference between painful rides and comfortable ones. So, to choose a western saddle, you must require a few tips. If you read this article further, you will gain some tips on finding the right saddle. 

1 Fit the saddle for you and your horse: Finding the right size can be challenging for most. But many companies have a sizing chart for customers in online stores or physical stores. You will have to know your size first and then purchase the saddle. But before that, you must check if it fits you and the horse perfectly. Several western saddles fit the riders based on their body type, height, and weight. For instance, a slim and tall rider might fit into a medium adult saddle seat but might require a larger one. Due to the length of the legs, many tall riders opt for the larger ones. And the short riders have to make compromises to adjust as per the size of their legs. In a nutshell, your height, body type, and weight are factors that can help you determine the right saddle. Although the saddle might be the ideal fit for you, you must consider your horse’s fitting. After all, you will be sitting on the horse, and there must not be any issues while riding. So, after you get the right size, make sure to check if the same saddle fits on the horse. If you are doubtful about how to check on the horse, you can consider some guidelines like putting the saddle on the back of the horse without any padding. The paddles must apply even pressure on the back. You can attain the perfect size for you and your horse from brands such as circle y saddles. 

2 Investigate the gullet channel: A gullet channel is a hollow down the middle of the saddle’s underside. You must turn your palm to face downwards and straighten all four fingers. But when you do that, you must make sure that the hand is under the saddle’s pommel. Then, you must slide the arm or hand into the gullet channel and the horse’s back. If you are checking for the width of the gullet, ensure that it is approximately four fingers wide and has sufficient room for the spinal ligament. There must be adequate clearance for the width of your hand going all the way down the middle. In case your saddle is extremely wide, there might not be sufficient room down the gullet channel. It means that your saddle might be on top of the spinal ligament of the horse. 

3 Look at the impression: After riding, it is crucial to check the impression left on the back of the horse. The hair on the back of your horse must be flattened equally on the front and back. Hair flattened in the middle means the saddle is touching the spinal ligament, which must be avoided at all costs. If the hair is damaged or ruffled, it means that the saddle was poorly fit.