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International Left-Handers Day 13th August 2022

Every year 13th August is celebrated as International Left-Handers Day to honors the special identity of left handers and their variations. The day was first observed in 1976  by Dean R. Campbell, president of Lefthanders International, Inc. The day is meant to create awareness about the problems and advantages and disadvantages of being left hander. In 1992, the Left-Handers club of the United Kingdom launched the non-official holiday and it is the one day of the year to honor left-handers.

This day recognizes the individuality and distinctions of the left-handed people, a group of mankind that constitutes 7-10 % of the population worldwide. The day also raised awareness of issues facing left-handed individuals such as the severity and possibility of having schizophrenia as a particular need for left-handed babies. In the country, there are about 708 million socialists. Men are more likely than women to be abandoned.

The event of International Left Handers Day is also organized internationally and, in the U.K., alone.  In recent years, the day has been marked by 20 regional activities – from the left-hand sport competitions, on the right-hand side of the city to the left-hand corks.

More than ever, these developments have added to the increased understanding of the challenges and problems faced by progressives in their daily lives and have led to an improved product formulation and a larger right-handed majority taking into account our interests – but there is a long way away!

Every year on August 13, many left-hander people take on social media to discuss and share the challenges they face in society.

Swikriti Dandotia