Pseudo Feminism and its effects

Feminism was started and recognized in United States where the black’s became popular in response to sexism of the civil rights movement and racism of the feminist movement.

What do you think feminism is?

Anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men and believes in gender justice.

Feminism to me?

First let’s start by understanding what feminism is accordingly, and if you are one it should not be offending you, because its nothing but demanding equality. The meaning of feminism for men and women is the belief that both should have equal rights and opportunities. People have got the concept of feminism all wrong.Society sees “feminism” as a dirty word that was created by angry women, which has no real value.

Do you think it is misunderstood by many?

Yes, feminism is a concept which is accepted by all rational and educated men all around the world but when men in the grab of feminism are attacked and indulged in character assassination than it is not a level playing field. There is where pseudo feminism attacks it is not about fighting on petty issues without logic which seems to be a trend in the current generation where anything for that matter, any question raised on them becomes a part of screaming feminism.

What happens when it is misunderstood?

Now, There is a feminist and then there’s a pseudo feminist. In a world where the genders are far from equal rights this serves to harm both men and women alike.Pseudo feminism to me is feminism of convenience.Woman or man, everyone must never be different in these two cornerstones of life. Women should be allowed to join the army. A man should share the burden of a household and look after his children, even stay at home full-time if need be. And women should be paid just as much as men that’s the thing. But these pseudo-feminists don’t really want equality. They want to establish a new world governed by women and women alone. If true feminism has to be followed ,then we should treat all victims equally. Victims would cease to be women or men, but just victims of abuse. But ,sadly that’s not only the case. Pseudo feminism shouts out loudly that men can’t get raped, exploited or assaulted sexually or physically or men can’t be tormented.

What can be done to get better understanding?

The modern feminism is fighting for the series of issues for women like reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leaves,equal pay, women’s sufferage, sexual harassment and sexual violence it is not only a movement, or policy, or activism on women alone, It is taboo as all lives matter and it’s a gender evolution. feminism in the digital age has poisoned itself as opposed to power and through the consumerist vein of “fempowerment” making it more look like a pink knitted hat on the head. On some levels men being feminist is a great thing because they understand and acknowledge the fact that what is happening since ages is wrong.To be a feminist, you have to act like one.

When I was in school, I remember that a teacher used to punish boys making them stand outside while girls had to stand inside. I used to feel insulted that girls were perceived as weak because they thought if girls stood outside, something bad will happen to them while thinking boys to be physically superior, that is why nothing would happen to them. Patriarchy harms every one.
I myself never truly knew what feminism was, I only knew when people started naming me whenever I expressed, that differentiated me from the doormat. Now, I am a proud feminist but those who propagate pseudo feminism are doing more harm than good, as not all men are terrible. It has to be understood that this is not being called hatred towards men or women wanting power over men in society.

AuthorNeerja Biwalkar