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World Day for International Justice 2020

World Day for International Justice is also known as International Justice Day celebrated internationally in an attempt to recognize the new International Criminal Justice framework on 17 July. 17 July is the date on which the Treaty establishing the International Criminal Court was adopted. The Assembly of State Parties voted to celebrate 17 July as an International Criminal Justice Day at the Rome Statute in the Review Conference in Kampala (Uganda) on 1 June 2010. The day is about promoting and endorsing the role of the ICC in international criminal justice.

It is a day to remind the need to ensure the ongoing support for the international justice system for the countries that are dedicated to justice around the world. This day also shows the important role played by members of civil society in ensuring that ICC members fulfill their obligations. World Day for International Justice is appreciated by the 150 countries that have signed the treaty court. Treaty has been ratified by almost 123 States representing every part of the world. ICC urged all the Member States to begin the ratification process of the Rights and Immunities Agreement immediately.

Importance of World Day for International Justice

This day is celebrated to raise awareness among the people who are conscious and support in promoting justice with the primary to promote the victims rights. The day will attract people from all over the world to take great care of urgent problems. Furthermore, observing the Day protects people against various crimes and warns those who affect peace and safety.

It is day where the civil societies, organizations, express their thoughts about the need for the international Justice on the current condition of the Court, on the outcomes, problems and on how we can deliver on Rome ‘s promises.


On 17 July, the World Day for Internal Justice is being celebrated as it commemorates the landmark adoption of the Rome Statute in 1998. This day also highlights the importance that all continue to fight injustice and bring justice to the victims of war crimes, persecution crimes and genocide.

On 1 June 2010, the Rome Statute Review Conference took place in Kampala, Uganda. On 17th July during the conference, an international criminal justice day was agreed by the Assembly of State Parties.

What is ICC?

The International Criminal Court has the power to bring to justice individuals convicted of most serious breaches of international humanitarian and Human Rights law, including genocide crimes, war crimes, and human rights abuses, as a permanent and independent international tribunal.

How to observe International Justice Day?

The day will be observed by supporting the ICC ‘s 100% rule of law enforcement movement for global justice. Truth, violence, and security dissuasion. It is critical that Member States enact national laws to prosecute and collaborate with the ICC persons for serious crimes.

Swikriti Dandotia