Is Solar Energy Worth It? (Yes, Here’s Why)

Are you thinking of making the move over to renewable energy?

Solar panels don’t come cheap and the yield can vary depending on where you live in the US – so is solar energy worth it?

Energy prices are rising and the ongoing environmental impact from fossil fuels are great reasons for going green. But for conscientious homeowners, the high initial cost and future benefits will need to be considered.

Read on to find out if your property is suitable for solar power installation and if the benefits outweigh the costs.

Location Dependent

Switching to solar power will give you more freedom and control over your future energy, but only in the right conditions.

The most important factor when it comes to solar panels is if your house receives enough sunlight. Having sunlight all year round will ensure that you get the most out of your solar panels.

If your property is covered in too much shade, or you live in a colder climate with shorter days then it might not be ideal.

For a decent setup, you will need plenty of roof space to attach the panels onto.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t make do with a smaller system though. But you will have to invest in higher-powered solar panels for the same results.

Will you be moving homes within the next few years? If so, then solar panels may not be for you because it is a long-term investment of 25 years.

The Cost of Solar Panels

Prices of solar panels have been dropping over the years, but they still require a hefty upfront investment.

So how do you find out whether the cost of solar panels is right for you? Well, you will need to think about the rate of return and whether the energy savings offset the costs of installation.

The panels are not the only thing to think about when it comes to pricing. You will also need to look into the cost of a solar company for installation and any additional parts like a battery for power storage.

How Long Will It Take Before You Start to See Savings?

This will depend on how much you spent on the installation, but on average you should start to see returns after 5 to 10 years.

The best way to find out how much your savings would be is to consult a solar installation company. They will be able to assess your property, the roof’s direction, and suitability, plus an estimate on the costs for a solar power system.

Is Solar Energy Worth It?

Doing research is a good starting point, but it’s always best to consult a professional installer for a more accurate estimate.

So is solar energy worth it?

The declining cost of solar energy, increased freedom from energy companies are fantastic reasons to make the move. But whether it’s worth the investment will be down to your own circumstances and future plans.

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