Go Green: Why People Are Making the Switch to Solar Energy

Climate change is the “biggest threat modern humans have ever faced,” which is why so many people today want to go green. 

Renewable energy options, like solar energy, are vital to the health and wellbeing of the human species. The electric utility sector produces a quarter of all the greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. However, some people still struggle to determine if the initial cost is worth it. 

Other than the survival of the planet, there are some other good reasons to choose solar. Check them out below. 

Solar Saves Money

Choosing solar power as an energy source saves people money in a variety of ways. 

First, it gives people the power to generate their own electricity using a free, renewable resource — the sun. There’s no need to draw energy from a utility company’s grid and pay expensive utility bills any longer. 

Second, utility costs rose 6.5% in October alone. Seasonal weather patterns often cause utility cost surges. Renewable energy sources, however, help individuals avoid all that. 

Third, there are local, state, and federal tax credits and tax cuts that target solar energy users. The federal tax credit is called the Investment Tax Credit. The local and state options vary by location.

Solar Is Affordable

Solar energy was once perceived as unaffordable new tech. After a few years and iterations, however, researchers and companies have been able to develop more affordable options that make green energy accessible to just about anyone. 

Making solar more affordable was the last hurdle to making solar energy a sustainable option. Even if the initial investment is a little steep, there are excellent financing options available today. Now, there’s no reason not to invest in going green.

Solar Improves Home Values

Investing in solar energy is not just an investment in the future of the human race, but it can be an investment in yourself. Among the many financial benefits, solar energy users enjoy is a boost in their home values. 

Additionally, many local governments offer tax exemptions to solar-powered homes. That means homeowners will not pay the increase in property taxes that corresponds to the increase in property value.

Solar Decreases Reliance on the Grid

Utility energy costs are going up and they will continue to go up. They also fluctuate wildly, depending on local weather patterns. The people in Texas learned this all too well after the 2021 power crisis that left many freezing. 

When storms like the one in Texas hit, your home could potentially have its own store of energy to use. Solar batteries, used in conjunction with solar panels, allow excess energy produced by the panels to be stored for future use. 

Go Green with Solar Energy

Solar energy is a relatively easy and affordable way to go green. The initial investment may seem a little steep, but it pays itself off over time in energy savings and improvement to home value. 

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