How Long Do Residential Solar Panels Typically Last?

“How long do solar panels last?” is a common concern from homeowners considering solar panel installation.

It isn’t easy to estimate the upfront cost of adopting solar without understanding how long your residential solar panels will provide enough electricity. Your solar panels will be able to balance your power usage for decades. But, you should be aware of degradation rates and industry predictions.

So let’s look into the typical length of time solar panels should last and why. We’ll also explore how you can make your panels last longer.

How Long Will Residential Solar Panels Last?

Solar panels, on average, endure between 25 and 30 years. This does not mean that they will stop producing power after 25 years. Instead, it implies that the solar energy output will lessen by a substantial amount.

Solar panels will last for decades if they are not harmed by debris, wind, or other environmental conditions. This is because solar panels do not have any moving components. They seldom break from the inside, and often external factors such as severe weather or improper racking cause issues.

Solar Panel Warranties

The solar industry provides you with various warranties that can help you determine how long your solar panels may last. Manufacturers will provide an equipment warranty to cover manufacturing flaws. They will also include a performance warranty to ensure that your panels produce a specific quantity of power.

The performance warranty on your solar panels tends to lasts 25 years. This warranty might help you estimate how much power you can anticipate from your solar energy system over time.

Solar Panels’ Carbon Footprint 

You don’t have to be concerned about your solar panels’ carbon footprint. Solar panels have a 25 to 30-year lifespan, longer than their energy payback time (EPBT).

EPBT is the time it takes for a solar panel to produce enough clean electricity to pay back the energy it took to make it. The EPBT of a solar panel is around six months, or much less, due to recent solar innovations.

How to Make Solar Panels Last Longer

You have to choose high-quality solar panels if you want them to last longer. Choose the best solar panel company you can find to get reliable and long-lasting panels.

Leading manufacturers test their solar panels to guarantee that they can resist falling hail, for example. Also, most manufacturers test their panels to certify that they can withstand large snow loads and severe winds. 

It’s also worth asking your local solar panel company how to keep your panels well maintained. This way, your panels should last the test of time. Blue Raven Solar is an excellent example of such a company.

Choose the Right Residential Solar Panels

Most residential solar panels will serve you well for decades. However, if you are willing to invest more at the point of purchase, you may gain more usage out of your panels than others with standard designs.

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