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How to Build Your Own Eco House (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

According to the World Green Building Council, green building practices can reduce carbon emissions by as much as 84 gigatons of carbon emissions between now and 2050.

So, if you’re in the process of designing a new home for your family, why not make it an eco-house? Nowadays, there’s no need to stick to the old way of doing things.

Here’s how to embrace environmentally-friendly living from the start.

The Building Blocks of Earth-Friendly Homes

If you’re building a house from scratch, you should leave no brick unturned in your quest for an eco-home. These are some of the most environmentally sound types of construction available today:

Rammed Earth

Blocks made of rammed earth use low-carbon manufacturing techniques to create construction materials from quarry waste. These natural substances absorb the sun’s heat by day and release warmth into your home at night, reducing your need for extra heating. 

Straw Bale Construction

This ancient type of construction is undergoing a revival of late. Straw bale construction offers durability and superb insulation as well as fire-retardant properties. 

This material is also affordable, abundant, and renewable.  

Recycled Materials

Recycled wood has a charm of its own and can add unique elements to any home. Since there’s little manufacturing involved in reclaiming wood and reusing it, this is a low-carbon type of construction with immense appeal for modern homeowners. 

Fast-Growing Bamboo

Bamboo is fast becoming a popular material for almost anything from clothing to toothbrushes. Although it’s technically a grass, bamboo offers many of the qualities of wood, except its much faster growing. 

When building your home, you can use bamboo in the form of flooring, trim, decking, and lumber.

Powering Your Eco House

Solar power is the ultimate accessory for every eco-friendly home. It’s an expensive initial investment, but there are ways for most homeowners to access an environmentally-friendly solar home. 

Thanks to solar loans, state and federal incentives, net metering, and PPAs, you can find a way to afford solar energy. According to, almost anyone can afford to live in a solar house, save money, and help the environment. 

Wind power is another attractive option, although it’s not as widespread as solar and is more dependent on the ideal weather conditions. 

Focus on Passive Housing

Passive homes use the forces of nature, and logic, to ensure comfortable interiors. The key components of these homes include:

  • Highly effective wall insulation
  • Heat-transfer-limiting glass windows, i.e. triple pane
  • Heat recovery devices in ventilation systems
  • An airtight house envelope
  • Orientation for passive heat and light from the sun

When combined with sustainable energy sources and earth-friendly building materials, these measures add the final touches to your eco-friendly abode. 

Embracing The Green Life

Not only will an eco-house help save the planet, but it’s also a sure-fire way to enjoy a healthier and more affordable lifestyle too.

When you embrace nature by limiting harmful carbon emissions and waste, you’re ensuring a cleaner environment for everyone. 

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