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International Delegate’s Day 2020- History, Role and Significance

International Delegate’s Day 2020 is remarkable for two reasons. First, April 25, 2020 is the first International Delegate’s Day to be observed. Second, 2020 also marks the 75th anniversary of the San Francisco Conference, a gathering that laid the groundwork of the United Nations.

Having a representative to the United Nations is a prestigious work that can be done after years of experience. A delegate is a representative of his country at UN meetings and discussions and plays a key role in international affairs and negotiations. At all sorts of UN meetings and conferences, UN delegates represent their nations. Delegates must be outstanding negotiators who can deal with much knowledge and make compelling points during discussions. There are several meetings at the UN every day, addressing everything from climate change, sustainable development and military operations.

Delegates should be aware of the history, culture, political structure, and current political affairs of the countries involved in meeting.

Why United Nation Observes International Delegates Day on 25th April?

25 April 1945, delegates from 50 countries gathered in San Francisco for the first time. Their goal, after the destruction of World War II, was the formation of an organisation to restore world peace and enforce rules on the world after the war. 850 delegates participated in this two-month meeting. They made up over 80% of the world’s population, citizens of all faiths and continents; they were all eager to create an organisation that would maintain harmony and help develop a better planet.

Two months after the first meet, on 26 June 1945, leaders of 50 countries attending the conference signed the UN Charter. The agreement resulted in the formation of the United Nations, an institution that now comprises 193 Member States and acts as the key international forum for joint discussion between its Member States’ delegates.

In its resolution 73/286 of 2 April 2019, the General Assembly remembers the San Francisco Conference’s accomplishment and declares 25 April as International Delegate’s Day.

Role of Delegates in the United Nations

To properly serve a country during the meeting, a delegate must communicate with delegates from other countries. Understanding “their” country’s views and policies, as well as other countries’ positions that will be reflected, will help delegates foresee what will be said during the conference’s debate process. This will help delegates determine which countries will comply with their stance and which countries will be opposed. Additionally, it will help them determine where it would be beneficial to try collaboration or compromise.

Delegates strengthen the United Nations. Without them, it wouldn’t be what it is. Delegates represent their countries at U.N. meetings and do Negotiation, coordination with other Nations. To increase awareness of the involvement of representatives and delegates to the UN, the United Nations declared 25 April as the International Delegate’s Day.