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International Tiger Day, 29th July 2024

International Tiger Day is celebrated annually on every 29th of July to raise awareness about the conservation of tigers. It was founded in 2010 at the Tiger Summit in Saint Petersburg. The aim of the day is to develop a regional program to protect the tiger’s natural environment and increase public consciousness and support for tiger conservation issues. This day is also known as Global Tiger Day.

Tigers are among the most emblematic species in the world. Tigers are a ‘Umbrella Animal’ because their conservation in the same area still protects several other animal.

In 2010 the International Tiger Day was founded which was created when the 13 tigers range with countries came together to create TX-2 and double the range of tiger by 2022. Doubling of tigers is not only about tigers it is for nature and also about us.

Tigers are one of the largest cat species also known as Panthera Tigris. They are a hunter of Alpha species such as deer and wild boar. The only predator is Tiger. You will never see a group of tigers. Habitat areas are required by tigers. For two years, tiger cubs have been staying with their mothers. They leave the home of their mother to find their own environment after they have become adults.

According to World Wildlife Fund (WWF), about 3,900 tigers exist in the wild world. More than 95% of the global tiger population has been killed since the beginning of the 20th century. A WWF article estimates that over 100,000 tigers roamed the world about 100 years ago. More than half of the wild tigers in the world live in India – around 2,226 reported.

There are many international organizations, including the WWF, the IFAW and the Institute of Smithson are involved in the Conservation of Tigers.

Importance of Tiger Day

International Tiger Day is celebrated to increase awareness and encourage protection of tiger species worldwide. It also supports the protection of Tiger’s natural habitats. The slogan “Their future is in our hands” marks this International Day every year. In view of the alarming decline in the number of wild Tigers, this day was also announced.

Tigers are on the edge of extinction, and the international Tiger Day is planned to lift this problem and try to avoid its decline. Many causes have contributed to a decline in their numbers, including habitat destruction, climate change, poaching and hunting. Tiger Day is aimed at saving, increasing and raising awareness of conservation needs.

Some unknown Facts about Tiger

#1 The largest cat species in the world are Tigers and the third largest carnivore species on land are polar and brown bear.

#2 A wild tiger has an estimated lifespan of 10-15 years. Yet they were reported, on rare occasions, to live in the wild for up to 26 years.

#3 Contrary to most big cats, tigers are strong swimmers and are well-known in hunting or crossing rivers for large distances. Young tigers frequently play on water and adults sit in lakes or streams to keep cool throughout the hot season.

#4 White tigers are neither separate subspecies nor albino tigers. This is leucitic, the product of a recessive pigmentation gene from every parent. Normally White Tigers have blue eyes.

#5 It is estimated that only about one in every 10 to 20 attempts tiger hunts are successful.

As the tigers are constantly under the threat, they are the key elements of the species. They play a vital role in the survival of the habitats they share. As wild animals, they retain dominance over prey species. It preserves biodiversity and in effect retains the quality of lakes, trees, and croplands that provide clean air , water, heat, and financial benefits for people around the world. When tigers are safe we protect ourselves. So we must conserve our Tiger for the conservation of nature.

Swikriti Dandotia

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