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How Do I Choose a Solar Panel Company That I Can Actually Trust?

Recent research indicates that the solar industry has grown by 42% since the turn of the century. Are you interested in becoming a part of this growing trend?

If so, you’re in line for superior savings thanks to government and state incentives, net metering, and even no electricity bills. Yet, first, you’ll need to find a reputable solar panel company to install your system for you.

Follow these steps for finding the best solar company in town. 

Compare Solar Installers

It’s clear that solar power is a lucrative industry right now, so you’ll find a wide selection of companies to work with when you first start your search.

Make a list of all of these and make notes as you go through this checklist. Having all the information in one place will help you make a good decision. 

There are benefits to working with a local company, but don’t hesitate to include some big-name national companies on your preliminary list. A local contractor knows your area best, but large businesses have more buying power, so they can often secure better prices for customers. 

Important Solar Panel Company Credentials

Check company websites to see if they list any certifications, or you can call them to ask about their qualifications. Make sure you understand your state licensing requirements for solar installers and check to see if the company meets these criteria.

The NABCEP certification program is the leading standard for solar providers in the USA. So, you know you’re in good hands when you work with a contractor that’s certified by this institution. 

The Better Business Bureau is a good source if you want to know how other customers rate the installer, too.  

Research Reviews

Word of mouth is an excellent source of first-hand information on all kinds of contractors. Ask family, friends, and neighbors about their experiences with solar installers.

You can also look for online reviews about some of the installers on your list. You’ll find these on review sites like the BBB and Google reviews, or listed on company websites. 

Talking Money

Installing solar panels is an expensive undertaking and can cost up to $20,000 per household. A solar company that offers convenient financing options can make your journey toward sustainable energy a lot easier on the pocket.

When you’ve narrowed down your search, ask for at least three quotations. It’s important to consider every detail when reviewing these quotes.

More expensive quotes may include extra services and better quality, more efficient equipment.  

More Things to Consider 

You’ll save a lot of money once you’ve got over the initial financial outlay of a solar-powered system. Yet, the real benefit goes far beyond that. Solar power is a major player in reducing carbon emissions worldwide.

So, when you engage with a solar panel company and get started with solar, you’re doing your part to help ensure a better future for us all. 

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