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Fire Doors: Why Are They Considered Essential?

There can be no compromise when it comes to safety. The world is becoming increasingly prone to ravaging fires, and Australia often witnesses bushfires that destroy homes. So, these situations demand necessary safety precautions, one of which is fire-rated doors, as it could be a life-saving factor in emergencies.

In 2021 alone, the world has witnessed the destruction that fire has caused in various countries. From Turkey to Greece, wildfires are wreaking havoc, while global warming is one factor that adds fuel to this fire.

Fire Rated Doors

This solution is an effective way to safeguard the residents of a home or any building during fires. Studies show that over 3000 homes in Australia were victims of bushfires in the last few years, and Sydney was the most affected. So it is integral to understand how this hardware could be life-saving, and hence read on to find out why.

  • Contains the Fire

When such doors remain closed, they provide a reliable barrier from the fire. It prevents the fire from getting outside and damaging the property and other people. While most doors are somewhat effective in containing the smoke, they are still not as effective as fire-rated doors in offering protection.

It is also integral that the residents get a chance to escape the fire, and even during such times, fire doors come in handy.

Extra Note: While the fire is harmful, it is vital to keep away smoke and carbon monoxide which is often the cause of most deaths. This is because inhaling toxic fumes causes asphyxiation and leads to loss of life.

Fire detectors pick up CO levels when they are beyond permissible limits, but one should get outside before it is too late. This is especially integral for those with conditions like Asthma who need to be more cautious.

  • Protective Seal

These seals are found around the edges of a door. It expands as the temperature rises above 200°C. It helps in filling the gap between the frame and the door, effectively sealing the place.

Other Vital Hardware

This replacement hardware helps in extending the lifespan and adding protection. They include:

  • Locks: These latches and locks help in containing the fire at specific locations. There are also electronic locks, but these have to be completely fail-secure.
  • Seals: Smoke seals prevent smoke from entering other places.
  • Control systems: Things like fire door closer or sequence selector aids in controlling the opening/closing of doors. They keep the door closed to prevent more damage.

Why Do Fire Doors Need Appropriate Seals?

All such doors must use seals as they expand under heat and effectively protect the place. Hence, intumescent seals are placed in the grooves between the top and vertical sections of the frame, and they expand many times over, adding additional protection. Meanwhile, the materials used in seals (like graphite or other components) sometimes differ with each manufacturer. So it is best to ensure that they are the same when being replaced.

Smoke seals are mostly a part of building regulation, and they offer a barrier from harmful cold smoke. Acoustic seals help in reducing sound as well.

Are They Necessary?

Ultimately the question is whether or not they are essential, and the answer would be a resounding yes, as it is a matter of safety. It can give enough time for one’s family to reach safety and secure their lives. Moreover, when compared to fire doors, standard doors provide less protection. But, make sure that these measures undergo regular inspection so that they are up to standards.

Investing in quality fire protection measures is a decision worth taking. And by complying with protection standards, one makes sure that their employees, staff, or family is safe.