World Patient Safety Day 17th September 2022 Theme is Medication Safety

Every year on September 17th, World Patient Safety Day (WPSD) established by World Health Assembly, celebrated annually to raise global awareness about patient safety and to encourage all countries and international partners to take action to reduce patient harm. The focus of the Patient Safety programme is on the prevention and reduction of healthcare risks, errors and harms to patients.

World Patient Safety Day, along with World Tuberculosis Day, World Health Day, World Chagas Disease Day, World Malaria Day, World Immunization Week, World No Tobacco Day, World Blood Donor Day, World Hepatitis Day, World Antimicrobial Awareness Week, and World AIDS Day, is one of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) 11 official global public health campaigns.

The goal of World Patient Safety Day is to raise public participation, to improve global understanding and to inspire worldwide unity and action to promote patient safety. A new theme is chosen annually to highlight a key area of patient safety where action is necessary to eliminate preventable health harm and to achieve universal health coverage.

Theme of World Patient Safety Day 2022

2022 Theme:  Medication Safety with Slogan – ‘Medication Without Harm’.

Medication mistakes and other unsafe practices are a major source of preventable suffering in the healthcare system worldwide. Medication errors occur when the safe use of medication is compromised by inadequate medication systems or by human factors including exhaustion, bad environmental conditions, or a lack of staff. This can lead to permanent injury, disability, or even the patient’s death. As the continuing COVID-19 epidemic continues, the risk of medication mistakes and accompanying pharmaceutical-related damage has increased dramatically. Thus, the theme of ‘Medication Safety’ with the tagline ‘Medication Without Harm’ has been chosen for World Patient Safety Day 2022.

Objectives of World Patient Safety Day 2022

ADVOCATE for immediate action to improve medication safety and RAISE worldwide awareness of the significant burden of harm associated to medication as a result of medication errors and unsafe practices.
Engage important partners and stakeholders in the initiatives to stop pharmaceutical errors and lessen harm from improper use of medications.

Take the Medication Without Harm: World Health Organization Global Patient Safety Challenge to a Greater Scale.