Vitamin-D- The need of it

What is vitamin D deficiency?

Getting enough, but not too much, vitamin D is needed to keep your body functioning well. Vitamin D deficiency means that you do not have enough vitamin D in your body. There’s no doubt that vitamin D is an important nutrient for overall well-being! You may know of vitamin D as the “sunshine vitamin”. Unlike other nutrients, our bodies are capable of producing vitamin D upon exposure to UV rays from the sun.

While “soaking up the vitamin D” may be simple, behind the scenes our bodies are working away at a complex process that turns sunlight into this important nutrient. Symptoms of it can include muscle weakness, pain, fatigue, and depression. It is unique because your skin actually produces it by using sunlight. Fair-skinned individuals and those who are younger convert sunshine into vitamin D far better than those who are darker-skinned and over age 50. Too little vitamin D results in soft bones in children (rickets) and misshapen bones in adults. Heart disease and high BP, Infections and immune system disorders and breast cancer are Some types of diseases that can happen.

Why is vitamin D so important?

Vitamin D is one of many vitamins in our bodies that is needed to stay healthy. This vitamin has many functions, including:* Keeping bones strong: Having healthy bones protects you from various conditions, especially a disorder that causes children to have weak and soft bones . It is caused by a lack of vitamin D . You need vitamin D to build bones. * Absorbing calcium: Vitamin D, along with calcium, helps you build bones and keep bones strong and healthy. Weak bones can lead to the loss of  bone and fracture. Vitamin D either taken once as sunshine exposure can convert to an active form of the vitamin.

What are the sources of vitamin ?

You can get vitamin D in a variety of ways. These can include:* Being exposed to the sun. About 15-20 minutes three days per week is usually sufficient.* Through foods you eat.* Through nutritional supplements.

How long should we spend in the sun for vitamin D?

Most people can make enough vitamin D from being out in the sun daily for short periods with uncovered and without sunscreen. This is because there are a number of factors that can affect how vitamin D is made, such as your skin color or how much skin you have exposed. But you should be careful not to burn in the sun, so take care to cover up or protect your skin with sunscreen before your skin starts to turn red or burn. People with dark skin, such as those of African, African-Caribbean or south Asian origin, will need to spend longer in the sun to produce the same amount of vitamin D as someone with lighter skin.  Your body can’t make vitamin D if you’re sitting indoors by a sunny window because ultraviolet B rays as it can’t be taken through the glass.

Can too much vitamin D be harmful?

Getting too much vitamin D can be toxic. Signs of harm include nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, constipation, weakness, and weight loss. Excess vitamin D can also damage the kidneys and also raises the level of calcium in your blood. Most cases of excess vitamin D is because of the supplements used for it, sun exposure doesn’t cause vitamin D poisoning because the body limits the amount of this it. There’s no risk of your body making too much vitamin D from sun exposure, but always remember to cover up or protect your skin before the time it takes you to start turning red or burn.

Author- Neerja Biwalkar

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