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6 Tips To Follow Before Buying Clothes For Kids

Every fashion-forward parent knows that baby clothing, accessories, room decor, cribs, etc., have seasonal trends, and they try to keep up with these trends. Baby boutiques, clothing stores, online baby shops, and more stock the latest trends on their shelves (virtual or otherwise), letting new parents know the latest pieces for the season. Baby fashion ranges from baby jackets, booties, and baby hats in clothing to baby bed sets, cushions, feeding bottles, and night lamps in accessories.

New parents might already find babies overwhelming, additionally keeping up with trends might seem cumbersome. But parents do need to know the latest baby fashion, so they buy the right pieces and pair them well. The baby’s costume is usually a matter of pride for parents, and making them fashionable adds to the satisfaction. Additionally, baby fashion has some intriguing pieces, which keep parents hooked on baby fashion even after their children grow up.


Baby fashion trends sometimes draw inspiration or replicate adult fashion trends, but they also have a dedicated fashion line and products.

Colours of The Season

Colour is a significant factor of fashion trends, and each usually follows a unique colour palette. Baby fashion trends also have dedicated colour palettes, but these palettes only include pastels, muted, or light tones. Baby fashion aims to bring out the cute factor in babies and thus maintains a subdued colour palette. This season neutral and earthy tones take centre stage with baby clothes in moss green, autumn-leaf red, mustard yellow, mint green, powder blue, beige, etc.

Conscious Shopping

Environmental and ethical consciousness is in the spotlight today, with a more conscious consumer base. For example, even while shopping for baby clothes, new parents priorities eco-friendly and ethical brands over other commercial brands. This trend emphasizes the necessity of ethical production processes regarding material sourcing, labor, production equipment standards. It also underlines the need for brands to be more environmentally conscious in their material choices, manufacturing and waste disposal processes, and even in logistics and retailing.

Outdoorsy Patterns

The pandemic does limit people’s exposure to the outside, and even more so for babies. This restriction is perhaps why the latest baby pattern trends inculcate patterns like palm fronds, large leaves, fishes, flowers, seashells, and other outdoor themes. In addition, baby jackets to onesies have large plant-related or marine life-related patterns on light pastel colours.

Gender Neutral

Personal identity has many layers, and one, in particular, has come into the forefront today; gender identity. The need to reduce gender stereotypes is rising as more new parents opt for gender-neutral themes for baby room decor, clothing and more. Gender-neutral pieces avoid segregating items on a gender basis, for example, pink for girls and blue for boys. This shift has also brought more variety of colours into baby fashion, as parents try to raise children in a more accepting and open-minded environment regarding gender roles and stereotypes.

Headwear is ‘In’

Baby headwear ranges from bonnets to cute headbands with bows or flowers. But today’s baby headwear has more sophistication with aesthetic bows and retro-themed polka dots. Baby headwear suits all their outfits while offering some climate protection depending on the type. Headwear also comes in many gender-neutral designs like beanies, sporty headbands and caps.

The Trending Baby

Today, babies and toddlers are also social media influencers, setting style statements and trends for babies globally. Several parents follow these pages for inspiration, and it reflects in their baby clothing purchases. Babies on social media tend to wear forward fashion pieces from denim baby jackets to baby ugg boots. Additionally, celebrity babies’ fashion choices also hugely influence baby fashion globally.