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Loving the Finer Things: Beauty of Handmade Merchandise

The word handmade has a certain allure to it. It may be because it bears with it the weightage of its maker. Each handmade object carries personal significance and history. It is something that is not easy to obtain as they are not mass-produced. A handmade leather bag has more value than its factory-made counterpart.

The rustic designs tell a story of their journey from being an idea in the maker’s head to the ultimate form it took. The tiny imperfections are not mistakes but rather happy accidents by the maker. They tell a human story of toil and passion.

Reasons for choosing handmade products are:

1. Sustainable:

 Sustainability is the key advantage of handmade goods over mass-produced ones. Mass production calls for buying in bulk, which in turn causes low prices mainly of raw materials. The truth is that while lower production costs may seem like a bargain for the customers at first, in reality, the companies are becoming multi-billion-dollar ones. They profit out of lower production costs and higher demand scale.

2. Handmade is beyond its time:

         History teaches all people that anything that was born out of human effort has no depreciation. For example, a piece of handmade gold jewellery by artisans of yesteryears carries immeasurable value in the markets today. Ever wondered why? It is the human effort and history associated with it that gives it its value.

Leather is one of the oldest goods crafted by people to suit human needs. It has been in use and made using similar methods since the ancient Greek civilisation. And the fact that it is still made by hand by some is a break of dawn to romantic hearts. Back then they used substances from tree bark which today is a process referred to as vegetable tanning.

3. Unique:

 Even in an increasingly consumerist society, handmade and artisan goods still carry special significance. Each piece of these works is as unique as the maker who created it.

There is no necessity for an update for a handmade leather bagas it is already novel. Designer bags tend to go out of style, and people will want to get the next best thing as soon as it comes out. But handmade products are always trendy.

4. Has a Charm and Worth:-

 Today’s motto of ‘if something breaks do not try to fix it’, is a regressive trend that values nothing. Handmade merchandise is a blessing for someone who hates the growing pile of discounted goods and unnecessary objects at home. They have a minimalistic charm that cannot be replaced by factory goods. The sentimentality these objects carry helps the owner value them more.

5. It is the real deal:

Handmade is the actual product made by the original maker. When it reaches a customer’s hands, they are laying their hands and eyes on a product made with love. The artist or maker’s passion gives joy to the users. Nothing else can replace this transcending feeling.

 There is a growing trend in Australia of people wanting to go after the handmade feel. From Hollywood superstars who buy wedding gowns made by generational artisans in India to organic methods, people are beginning to choose the real over the fake.

It is like comparing diamonds and zirconium. They may look the same, but which one of these would people appreciate more? Which one carries more innate value? One will cherish the diamonds more, of course.


 Choosing not to live off-the-shelf is a liberating decision. It can provide a richer experience while using things. It gives brand new meanings to the word satisfaction and fulfilment.