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International Cat Day 8th August 2020

International Cat Day is an annual celebration that takes place on every 8th of August. It was founded in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The day is often referred to in some countries as World Cat Day and has evolved worldwide since its conception. Although several nations are now celebrating this annual holiday on 8 August, but Russia is celebrating National Cat Day on 1 March and the United States is marking both International Cat Day and their own National Cat Day on 29 October.

International Cat Day is a day for raising awareness and understanding ways of loving and protecting cats. On February 22, Cat Day is another unofficial Cat Holiday, originated from Japan and becoming a phenomenon in social media and growing worldwide, as people all over the world post their cat images and videos.

Since 1958, International Cat Care, a voluntary organization which has been striving since 1958 to improve the health and well-being of domestic cats around the world, has obtained custody in 2020 for International Cat Day.

It is a day to bring together all the cat lovers from all over the world to celebrate beautiful cats. It is an opportunity to share the cats’ enthusiasm and to learn more about this fascinating breed of animal. The day will show that there are no cats who survive as pets, and many are not going to be allowed to live next to humans, regardless of our love for them.

Unknown Facts about Cats

#1 Cats use their meows only to talk to people, not to each other. It the only time they say meow when kittens signal to the mother or when they interact with other felines.

#2 According to Guinness Records, the longest living cat on record belongs to Austin’s late Creme Puff, Texas, who lived to the average age of 38 years and 3 days!

#3 There are  more than 18 toes in cats and these extra-digit felines are called “polydactyl.”

#4 In 2004, the 9,500-year-old cat grave in Cyprus was discovered by French archeologists. That makes this the oldest known pet cat and it predates over 4,000 years of Egyptian art featuring animals!

#5 The smell of a cat is the strongest sense and they are dependent on this leading sense to distinguish objects and people. The smell sense of felines is 14 times better than the human sense.

#6 The cat’s heartbeats is about twice as fast as yours,  it is110-140 beats a minute.

There ‘s probably never been as many domestic cats as today in the world. It is estimated that their population is around 600 million, and almost every country has them. With their number growing, their popularity is also growing.

Swikriti Dandotia