CIMON-1st AI Based Astronaut Assistant Robot

CIMON stands for Crew Interactive Mobile Companion, it’s a medicine ball-sized device, weighing about 11-pounds and was manufactured by Airbus for German Aerospace Center. CIMON is an intelligent, mobile and interactive astronaut assistance system which is designed to support astronaut – Alexander Gerst in performing routine work at space station. It took off from Nasa’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on 29th June 2018. Advertisement


CIMON has used Artificial Intelligence Technology IBM WATSON to help astronauts in Space explorations. It makes work easier by performing routine day to day task, providing early warning for technical problems thus increasing efficiency in the success of mission .It is fitted with microphones and cameras that help it to recognize the astronaut with whom it will work. It will operate in ENGLISH language. CIMON is very much like a colleague to the crew members because of its digital face, voice and use of artificial intelligence.

How CIMON is learning through IBM Watson Services?

Watson speech and vision technologies helped CIMON to interact with human partners using voice samples, speech and images.AI technology has helped CIMON to develop the understanding and enhance its ability to retrieve specific information. Before CIMON no machine equipped with AI technology has ever flow to space. Collaboration of human and technology in a space environment is certainly a big positive step towards future. Also Read Blog onBlockchain-A Technology Beyond Bitcoin Astronaut Alexander Gerst will definitely enjoy the company of his new friend CIMON with whom he can get the knowledge of all mankind in the infinite space. Assistance systems like CIMON will continue to advance and in future it will help scientist to learn more about the social dynamics involved in space flight.


  This is a first kind of robot- astronaut interaction in space. It’s an experiment and will get to know whether it was useful or not once it get back to earth. It is schedule to return on 13th Dec 2018.  

Article is written by Swikriti Dandotia and Information is collected from various digital sources.


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