Discover Dubai

Dubai is a man-made city in United Arabic emirates known for luxury, ultra-modern infrastructure, and lively nightlife. Its initiatives are been taken care of by the ruler and it is a densely populated city in UAE and states as capital. Here, locals are often addressed as emiratis and it is an Arabic speaking country. It has many signs in Arabic and in English also the most commonly spoken language English is used in this cosmopolitan country where it is a convenient way for the diverse population to communicate. It has metro in conjunction with the bus system provides fast and efficient transport with which it serves the city especially to those without cars, taxies are freely available.

UAE is easy to access, it has been quick to offer visit visas to the border countries who have offered the same to the enmities. Though the process seems a little tedious the government is trying to max out the most of it. The best time to experience Dubai and Dubai heat, desserts and hot temperatures is between November to March.

Tourist attractions in Dubai to Visit

Burj Khalifa:

The tallest tower in the world and is one of the top attractions to visit has 163 floors above the ground and the height is approx  2,716.5 feet. Also, it holds various records.

The Dubai Mall:

It is the largest mall in UAE and also the home of the Dubai shopping festival one of the biggest events of all time. The fashion avenue is dedicated to new luxury shopping and dining experience, it is known as the fashion capital for the Middle East.

Palm Jumeirah:

The tree-shaped Palm Jumeirah is known as niche hotels, posh apartments, and globe across restaurants. It is also famous for its broad walk and it’s a very classy view of Dubai coastline Burj al Arab hotel.

The Dubai fountain:

It is a choreographed fountain system set on man-made Burj Khalifa lake center of downtown Dubai, it is one of the greatest attractions amongst the locals and tourists.

Dubai creek:

Dubai creek is a saltwater creek located in Dubai UAE. It is very busy and full of atmosphere, it is a decent place to spend an evening, also the night dhow cruise on the Dubai creek is a nice experience.

It is indeed a great experience going to Dubai it is modern, clean, easy to go around also the history is great, the food is delicious the beaches are warm and there are a lot of places to roam.

Neerja Biwalkar