Apple Siri vs Google Assistant-Which One is Better?


All the Apple and Android fans always debate which phone is better – iPhone or Android phone. Now they can compare about their digital assistants, which one is better.

Siri first came on iPhone 4s and Google assistant just came in market from the time of Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. Anyway Siri is now available in all the Apple devices.
You just say “Hey Siri” and use the digital assistant by Apple for many reasons such as opening apps, find photos, set reminder, web search, sending text messages, changing settings, etc. Now in the latest iOS 10 you can also ask Siri to book a Uber ride, tweet, calling through Whatsapp and Skype, identify a song, post to Facebook, etc.


Google assistant is a digital assistant by Google which has recently launched on Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Though they are trying to provide Google assistant to all the Android 6.0 and upper version smartphones and has launched the BETA version to those smartphones. Google assistant works with all Google apps.
Just say “Ok Google” and use the Google assistant to get weather forecast, stream via Chrome cast, find photos, news, etc. You can also use Google assistant to remember something.


The big battle between Google assistant vs Siri
1. If you compare those digital assistants with their memory, then Google assistant is better compared to Siri.
2. Social networking apps such as Facebook, Twitter etc are more familiar to Siri, you can post or tweets anything using Siri.
3. Sometimes many people spend times with talking to the digital assistants. If you compare them for their conversation then Google assistant is more user friendly.


4. If you ask them for the weather forecast Google assistant will speak all it found, but Siri will give you only the list of the weather.
5. You can also play games with Google assistant, but can’t with Siri.


6. Siri can identify music by a sample of the music, but Google is at a little bit backward regarding to this feature.
These are the main differences, otherwise Google and Siri both are good.
Conclusion :-
Siri and Google assistant both are very useful at different situations. Siri is more optimized with apps and comparing to memory and intelligence Google is better. So marginally Google assistant is the winner though it’s new to market and not available in all android smartphones.

Written By:-

Aritra Patra

20 thoughts on “Apple Siri vs Google Assistant-Which One is Better?

  • Interesting comparison.It sounds like Siri is leading. My google assistant scares me so I don’t use it, It weirds me out that I’ll be watching tv and suddenly my phone says “Did you say something”?! I’m sure it happens to everyone but I like my space, haha.

  • I’ve been thinking about switching from apple to google lately so this post is perfect timing!

  • Well being an Android user I’m going to have to go my google assistant. We have a whole relationship going on at this point.

  • I have the iPhone and don’t like using Siri, I got frustrated a lot with her lol. I guess I’ll have to try google assiant instead!

  • To be honest i didn’t even know google had this feature. I have not been impressed with Siri lately so i would be open to trying the assistant.

  • Quite an interesting comparison. Though, I think I will stay away from both.

  • I use the Google Assistant on days when I’m too lazy to type. Works for me. 🙂

  • Siri has been useless to me so far lol! But it’s good to know she can recognize songs. Will have to try and use her more!

  • I have an apple and my son has an android. We are always comparing the assistants and of course we are always convinced our own won!

  • I have yet to try Google Assistant though it sounds amazing to use. I do however use Siri which I just love because of all the hands free things I can do while on the road or doing other important things like cooking for the family or applying makeup on my face for a musical engagement. I will try it though. I have to see for myself what the hype is all about.

  • I’m amazed that we have so much information at our fingertips. I don’t have an Apple phone, so I use google which is great for directions, restaurant recommendations, and finding coffees shops!

  • Very good comparison. I’ve had a Samsung in the past and an iPhone now, so I’ve experienced both Google Assistant and Siri. You definitely hit on some topics I hadn’t discovered.

  • I’m using an android phone, but for me, Apple and Android are both better. Good to know these information!

  • Great comparison. I have never used either of this, but they both seem to be pretty cool. Thanks for laying out the pros and cons!

  • My son keeps on using them but i usually stick to writing only. This is a great comparison between both of them.

  • This is great comparison between apple siri and google assistant. Good to know about this. Glad you shared.

  • This is a great comparison of the 2. I have never tried the google assistant however I am pretty happy with Siri.

  • I’m a devoted Apple lover so I probably wouldn’t switch. But as of lately I have been obsessed with using Siri! So helpful!

  • This is a great comparison between Apple Siri and Google Assistant. Being a user of android phone I would choose google assistant because of it’s easier to use. But good to know about of their comparison.

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