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Yoga is an art practised by most people to attain a calm mind and strong body inside and outside. It is known to provide solid mental health and keep one flexible and moving. Yoga teacher training in Sydney is the best path to learning this art form and attaining peace while loosening the muscles and staying fit.

Yoga has its roots in India and is usually taught in the Sanskrit language. The name can be expanded to be called yogasana, where ‘yoga’ means ‘to unite or to ‘bring together’ while asana is the posture or the pose. Every posture has ‘asana’ as its suffix.

Yogic gurus believe that through these poses, one can concentrate on their mind and body and spiritually bring everything together to be calm and peaceful on the inside. It is the art of being aware of the space around you by focussing on every element and clearing your thoughts simultaneously. All these poses are performed slowly to accommodate the body better of what is about to happen instead of getting to it super fast and with so much energy like gymming might, perhaps.

Here are some beginner poses and what they entertain to help one understand the benefits of yoga better:

Malasana: This pose is a regular pose that can be practised at home too. In this pose, one spreads their legs to the length of their shoulders and then squats as low as possible. This is not like regular squats since one goes below the knee level and stays there. One could feel thigh and knee pains during this, but it is very relieving if practised regularly. While doing this, one joins their hands to maintain balance and build core strength as well.

Balasana: ‘Bal’ refers to a child in Sanskrit, and hence this pose is also called the child’s pose. In this pose, an individual sits on their knees while placing their posterior onto the foot. After this, they bend forwards with their hands in the air as low as they can. This pose builds tension in the lower back of the body and the core, and it is an art to master this style. Breathe in and exhale slowly so minimum energy is utilised and there is energy left to perform more poses without being tired.

Baddha Konasana: This pose is better known as the butterfly pose. In this pose, one sits down with their feet connecting. After this, the feet are held together with both hands, and the knees are pushed downwards and relaxed after a while. This constant motion helps in flexibility and improves blood circulation too. The tension is faced on the upper half of the thighs and near the knees, which is extremely normal and nothing to fear.

Surya namaskar: The direct translation for this is greeting the sun, and it consists of a series of poses that are repeated backwards once they finish.

One could easily learn this through different platforms since they are very simple and slow poses that any individual can perform regardless of age and size. It contains mountain poses and one-legged tree poses that can cause a little tension throughout the body but overall, it is one of the easiest asanas.

These poses are some of the basic poses, but there are stricter and tougher poses that one can learn through yoga teacher training in Sydney. These poses help with flexibility and health in various ways while also curing one of many ailments. Since yoga also contains easy poses, it can be performed by absolutely anybody.