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4 Essential Features to Look for in Sunglasses

For some, sunglasses are another summer accessory, and for others, they are a style statement. As a matter of fact, glasses are more than just a fashion statement. Hence, you can look for brands like Prada sunglasses to elevate your style and keep your eyes safe from the sun. Well, picking a pair of sunglasses is a lot easier when you know what exactly you are looking for. So, in case you are baffled about picking out the best, you can keep reading to learn the essential features that make them ideal.

UV protection: Protection from ultraviolet rays or UV rays is one of the most important features of effective sunglasses. Exposure to UV rays can endanger your vision and harm your eyes. It has also been linked to retinal tissue damage, macular degeneration, abnormal skin growth, corneal sunburn on the eye’s surface. You can get the best possible protection from these health risks if you have glasses that block 100 per cent of UV radiation. Most glasses include UV protection labels. Hence, you can look for labels that specify 100 per cent protection against UV rays.

Material: Plastic, metal and other materials are utilised in the manufacturing of glasses. Titanium material is a great choice for people with allergies, and it is lighter than other frames. Aluminium frames are resistant to corrosion and comfortable to wear. Generally, metal is robust, scratch-resistant and difficult to break when compared to other materials. In addition, it is easy to handle and adapt well to the wearer’s head when it comes to plastic. Additionally, you will find plastic frames with a variety of designs. If you are looking for individuality, you can invest in glasses with wooden frames. Depending on the design, the wood can be used for the entire frame or just a part of it. Frames made from the water buffalo horns are gentle on the skin and have a glossy appearance. When it comes to lenses, most glasses are made out of plastic. The use of strong plastics can injure your eyes. Additionally, polycarbonate is common among lenses since they are lightweight and durable. CR-39 is a high-grade plastic utilised for lenses and are shatter-resistant.

Shape: Your face shape can determine the perfect frame for your glasses. You must identify your facial features to choose properly. Square, round, heart and triangular are different face shapes. Square shaped faces can shop for wider and curved designs to balance cheekbones and soften sharp angles. You can try cat-eye shades for a bold statement. Those who have a round-shaped face can look for bold, angular glasses with clean lines. A rectangular or D-frame is an excellent choice for round faces. If you have a face shaped like a heart, you can look for slightly wider frames than the forehead to complement your features. Hence, you can check aviators and D-frames. When it comes to triangular-shaped faces, D-frames, aviators and cat-eye glasses make a bold style statement. For oval-shaped faces, your eyewear choice must be cat-eye or edgy pair of aviators. Overall, your eyewear can look good with your facial features. You have to search for brands like Prada sunglasses and get glasses according to your face shape.

Tint: Various lens tints can filter light differently. Grey tinted lenses are good for driving since they can reduce brightness without colour distortion. Brown and amber lenses can reduce glare and blue light, whereas gradient lenses can block sunlight from above without darkening your view.