Tooth Brushing Techniques that you should follow

From a very famous saying-“prevention is better than cure…We all know how painful it is to lose a teeth”

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Brushing teeth is a daily routine you do to maintain oral hygiene.

Do you know the reason behind a beautiful smile, it’s very simple- “Your teeth.”

Do you have proper skills to brush your teeth?? If not then you need to brush up your skills!!

Proper technique will help you to remove small food particles stuck between your teeth which will prevent tooth decay.

Main reason for dental cavities is food lodgment (due to gap minor food particles gets stick in teeth). The microorganism (bacteria) consume the food lodge and produce acid which leads to demineralization of enamel leading  tooth decay.

Proper brushing helps in preventing various conditions like:-

  • Gingivitis (inflammation of gums)
  • Periodontitis (serious infection of gums).

What is the right way to brush your teeth???

We must brush our teeth for at least 2mins by cleaning the outer surface of upper teeth and then inner surface of your upper teeth, repeat same movement for your lower teeth.  Also you must clean your chewing surface and brush your tongue for your fresh breath.

Right way of moving tooth brush:-

  • It is a repetitive up-and-down or back-and-forth linear motion of brush on your teeth and it’s a most common technique we generally use .


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  • Hold the brush in such a way that bristles are at 45 degree angle touch your teeth as well as some portion of gums, then move your brush back and front. Repeat this for every inside and outside tooth’s.


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  • Point your tooth brush towards the chewing surface of tooth then vibrate brush gently against the tooth.
  • It is most straightforward path for youngsters tooth brushing place the toothbrush on an arrangement of the teeth then initiate the bristles by slightly squeezing the teeth 4-5 times on each arrangement of the teeth and move to the following.
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We should brush at least twice a day once in the morning and before bedtime. Also visit your dentist in every six months for regular checkup. Keep smiling so your teeth can breathe!!!





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  • Perfect for a beautiful smile
    Never forget to visit your dentist every six months..

    • Yes I agree….Smile takes away your tension and worries as many issues get smoothen with a beautiful smile….Albeit…health tooths….You know it early the better it is…Keep smiling till tooths are loyal to you….

  • Nice blog 🙂 worth reading

  • Worth reading?
    Gr8 info has been served thru dis??

  • Worth reading?
    Gr8 info have been served thru dis??

  • Yes I agree and early we accept the better it is….Yes good smile takes all tension and worries…. Tooths are so important…

  • Nice & informative blog..Must read

  • Great post! It’s something we do so much so frequently and have done so far o many years that it can be easy to forget the benefits and potential problems if not done correctly. Thanks for sharing!

  • It is so very important to care for our teeth and keep them healthy.

  • Lovely guide for those who’s always rushing on brushing their teeth. I have learned this technique from my professor in highschool. I’m sure a of people will know now what they must do to prevent tooth decay.

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  • Very informative. Oral hygiene is so important

  • This is such an informative post. It is really important to take care of our beautiful teeth. and this is one of the best ways to teach our children when there are young. This is the right way to brush our teeth. Just slow and gentle.

  • It’s always easy to get lazy when brushing your teeth. This serves as a great reminder!

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