Coronavirus Lockdown- What is allowed and what’s not?

Today, the whole world is struggling to fight against the Coronavirus to stop the rise of the third stage of community transfer. According to statistics, the cases are rises rapidly all over the world. Every country has taken a step to Lockdown their countries to protect their people Like in India the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces the 21 days of Lockdown to stop and break the chain of the virus.

What is Lockdown?

Lockdown is an emergency protocol that prohibits people from entering the area. A complete lockdown ensures that you must remain where you are and do not leave or enter a building or a specified area.

This situation generally allows necessary products, food stores, hospitals, and banks to continue to serve customers. Both non-essential operations remain suspended for the entire span of time.

But most of the people have many questions that what is allowed and what’s not during Lockdown. So, here are the answers to all your questions

Q. Can I visit Pharmacy to buy medicines?

Yes, during the lockdown all the pharmacies/ chemist shops which are listed in the essential needs will be open and for an emergency, you can go out and take medicines.

Q. Will the petrol pump continue in lockdown?

Yes, all the petrol pumps and LPG/Oil will be continuing during the lockdown.

Q. Will Private establishments are closed or continue?

No, all the private establishments will be closed as per the lockdown, but except some private agencies will be open which are registered under essential needs (like Big Basket).

Q. Are grocery shops open?

Yes, all the grocery shops will be open to provide all essential needs.

Q. During lockdown Banks, Insurance and ATM will be open or closed?

Yes, all the private and government Banks, Insurance and ATM will be operating during the lockdown.

Q. E-commerce deliveries will be operational?

Yes, all the E-commerce deliveries are operational but they will provide you only essential needs.

Q. Will Flights and trains are operational?

No, all Flights and trains are canceled, in India, all international and domestic flights are canceled as well as all the trains including the metro.

Q. Booking of cabs is allowed during a lockdown?

No, you cannot book cabs during the lockdown as the cab services are closed.

Q. Are Private Sectors providing work from home during a lockdown?

Yes, all the Private Sectors are giving work-from-home to their employees during this lockdown period.