Dhanteras 2nd November 2021

Dhanteras is a auspicious festival celebrated in all over India across the world. As per the Hindu Calendar, it is celebrated in the month of Kartik on the 13th day of Krishna Paksha. It usually falls in the month of October-November every year, according to the Georgian calendar. It takes place two days before Diwali, to honor Dhanvantari. It is also known among Hindus as Dhanvantari Jayanti.

Date of Dhanteras

This year Dhanteras will be celebrated on 2nd of November 2021

Dhanteras is also known as the Dhana Trayodashi or Dhanatrayodashi or Dhanvantari Trayodashi. On this day, for good health and good fortune, we all pray for divine good. During Dhanteras the decorated  idols and graven images of Lord Ganesha and Shri Lakshmi’s are bought from the market. On this day the shri Lakshmi’s & Ganesh idols are worshipped. It is one of the auspicious days where silver coins, silver and gold jewellery pieces, iron, copper, and brass utensils are purchased for the home.

Hindus also worship the god of Ayurveda, the God of Dhanvantari, since he imparted the wisdom of Ayurveda to the humankind to help them get rid of the illnesses. Dhanteras Day was proclaimed as the “National Day of Ayurveda”, by the government of India. It first came to light on 28 October 2016. And this year it is going to be celebrated on 2nd of November 2021

The common belief is that on Dhanteras, Goddess Lakshmi visits her devotees’ homes and fulfils their wishes. People light Diya’s (lamps) and kept them burning all night in honor of Lakshmi and Dhanvantari.

On this day, the Hindu people Worship Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi puja. On the occasion of Diwali, many groups such as Marwadi and Gujrati also celebrate Laxmi Puja because individuals felt that because of the sea churning, Goddess Laxmi came from the ocean of milk on this day.

Swikriti Dandotia