SAP Internet of Things- New Digital Revolution

We all know about internet because we use it in our daily life but 87% of people who use internet have not heard of term- Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things(IoT) is the network of physical objects like Smart phones, tablets ,cars ,machine etc. or any object with a sensor on it that contain embedded technology to communicate with other devices and understand what we are doing . It operates automatically to make our life easier. Below picture will clear all your doubts on internet of things:

Courtesy:SAP Company

These embedded electronic sensors along with network connectivity allow these objects to collect and exchange data.
Best example of IoT is ATM Machines that we use to withdraw cash. ATMs are considered among first IoT objects.

Any device to be labelled as IoT must have 7 design features which are:
• Sensors
• Internet Connectivity
• Processors
• Energy efficiency
• Cost effectiveness
• Quality
• Reliability
• Security

What is the difference between Internet and Internet of things, Check out these images.

1.Internet of People

Courtesy:SAP Company

2.Internet of Things

Courtesy: SAP Company

Some Facts about Internet of Things:

1. The term “Internet of Things” was coined by Kevin Ashton from MIT in 1999.

2. As of now around 6.4 billion objects connected through IoT and by 2020 it will be approx. 50 billion.

3. 20% of cars are already connected to Internet in 2017. By 2020 estimation around 90%.

What can be achieved through Internet of Things:

1.In disaster relief

Courtesy: SAP Company

2.Smart Pill

courtesy:SAP Company

and there are lot more such areas where complexity can be reduce and lives become easier through IoT.

Introduction to the Internet of Things changed our perception to think outside the box.

This article is written by taking various references from SAP forums.

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  • I had never heard of the term “Internet of Things” before reading this post! This was a really great, informative post.

  • The internet has changed our world in so many amazing ways and its incredible to think of every way we actually rely on it now.

  • Although I’m using the internet and all sort of computers and gadgets daily, I still have no idea what’s going on behind ‘closed doors’. I’m a total moron when it comes to science and technical topics. Thank you anyway for trying to explain it even to people like me 😉

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  • These are such interesting distinctions. Internet of people vs. internet of things. Thanks for shedding light on all this!

  • I’m always amazed by how many things are internet ready these days. My husband and I were at the home improvement store last weekend and I couldn’t believe that I could now control a washing machine via my smartphone. Very cool.

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  • Internet is all over the world and a lot of things turns digitally nowadays. And this is how we manage ourself using those things.

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  • Those smart pill bottles are really cool! They make medication a lot easier to remember. 🙂

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  • well done, you’ve clearly communicated such a mind-bogglingly huge and complicated thing to a technophobe like me!

  • I have heard of the IoT, but I am married to a geek and have been to school for computer science. I didn’t know that they now had medicine bottles with internet-connected caps. I have several family members that could use a service like this.

  • I never heard of this term before so it was interesting to learn something new.

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  • The IoT is certainly fascinating with what all you can do. It’s really revolutionizing many industries and changing behaviors, and every day someone comes up with a new idea for connections and more efficient processes.

  • This was very interesting to read. I actually wrote my dissertation on how the internet has changed television. It’s crazy how the internet has impacted just about everything.

  • The internet has changed our world and eliminated the distance across the globe! I’d say it is the most amazing innovation of our generation. Thanks for sharing some great insights and I enjoyed reading your post!

  • The interest have revolutionize everything. It can be in a great way in buy things that you wouldn’t to get or jobs and a negative for you don’t interact with people as much.

  • Internet of Things hit smart appliances good and its security was hit hard too. Remember the leak of Vault 7? Smart appliances aren’t that secured.

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  • It’s crazy how fast we’re advancing!! wow!! The internet has changed our world and eliminated the distance across the globe!

  • I’m a part of the 87% that hasn’t heard of that term lol thanks for letting me know

  • We can really say that internet is amazing! We are connected world war through it. And that is a nice idea. Thanks to this digital new world.

  • It`s true that we are now in the digital world and it still keeps progressing. Internet is helpful and useful in many ways.

    ❀ Grace ❀

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