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Quantum Computers and How It Differs from Normal computers

It is a computing model that make use of the laws of quantum mechanics to process data. Quantum computing uses quantum bits, or qubits that can represent a one, a zero, or both at once in contrast to the binary digits used by classical computing.

What are qubits?
A qubit is the physical carrier of quantum information and can take values of zero, one, or both at once.
Classical computes encode information in bits whereas quantum computers use qubits.
An each qubit can represent both a 1 and a 0 at the same time.
Using qubit, Quantum Computers can hold more information than classical computers and solve problems faster and more efficiently.

How it works?
Classical computers doesn’t have enough processing power to solve historically intractable problems. So with the introduction of quantum computers working with classical computers via the cloud, could be the answer for these and other problems that we haven’t even thought of yet in fields like pharmaceuticals, financial services and logistics.

How are quantum computers different from the traditional computers we use today?
Quantum computers has the potential to solve world complex problems which is beyond the reach even with today’s super computers.
Classical computers stores information in bits which represent 0 or 1.These 0’s and 1’s act as a ON/OFF switches which translate into a compute function ,to perform a calculation classical computes test each route one at a time using 0’s and 1’s.
Whereas Quantum computers uses qubits and qubits uses below two principle of Quantum physics.

Superposition represent that each qubit represent 0’s ,1’s or both at the same time.
Entanglement means when two qubits in a superposition correlate with one another, Meaning state of one whether 0,1 or both depends on the state of another.

Using these two principles quantum computers can solve world’s most complex problems which is impossible using classical computers.
Let’s look at some number which illustrates how this make quantum computing powerful:
Take a classic n bit computer with n representing number of Bits.
2n where n=100,200 etc.
Whereas Quantum computers uses bit in terms of power like
2n So quantum machine can examine 2 to the power of n at once which allows quantum computers
to solve the complex problems efficiently.
Classical computer analyze route one at a time to solve problems while quantum computer can analyze
Multiple routes at the same time using qubits.

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What Quantum computers can achieve?

1. It can lead to the discovery of new medicine and materials by unwinding the complexities of molecular and chemical interactions.
2. They can help financial industries to make better investments by finding new ways to model financial data and isolate key global risk factors.
3. They can transform supply chain and logistics by finding the optimal route across the global systems.

Quantum computers won’t replace our classic computers but it will open up a new universe of information and ability to solve complex problems.

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