Can a Clover POS System Help Liquor Store Business?

While it’s still possible to run a small store on a traditional cash register, it’s becoming more and more rare, especially in high volume spaces like liquor stores. It’s not just that POS systems have become so inexpensive that you can often upgrade to one for less than you’d spend replacing a register, it’s also because there have been a lot of innovations in POS builds. The Clover System POS is largely responsible for that. While there are a lot of other choices out there for your business, the original Clover build incorporated a wide range of features, peripherals, and downloadable apps that allowed it to serve almost every business model, while carrying an incredibly accessible price tag. At the same time, it built in features that were previously independent pieces of business software for many entrepreneurs, like the ability to schedule employees within the POS.

Employee Management Features on the Clover

One of the big upgrades the new clover models bring to the table is focus. The original Clover could be made to work in almost every industry, but it wasn’t built to a specific purpose out of the box. New models are streamlined for operations like appointment-based services, mobile businesses, food service, and retail. They also incorporate the same easy to customize interface that has made Clover so popular with business owners, to make sure you can make it work for you. Core features you’ll find on every model include:
• Employee scheduling
• Time card management
• Task/role assignment
That means you never have to invest in time management software or scheduling suites for your home computer, at least not unless you want to. Instead, you can build it all in your POS, where any employee can easily check their shifts and sign in and out of the shop.

Inventory Management for Your Liquor Store

One thing that makes the Clover a great liquor store POS system is its ability to track sales and inventory. This helps you reconcile your numbers and quantify shrinkage, and that can even lead to better threat triangulation if there is theft happening, no matter how it’s happening. It also means you can more easily track when you need to reorder by having a concrete record of when certain brands have sold, how quickly, and where your rush periods are with respect to those spirits. All of that means you can stock smarter, keeping what you need without buying inventory that sits in storage. Be leaner, more competitive, and keep your overhead costs minimized all in one move.
If you are looking for a cost-efficient entry point that still gives you a lot of features you’ll find valuable, consider starting with the Clover Flex. For smaller stores, it can be an all in one solution, and if you find you want something a little more powerful, you can always upgrade to a Clover 2.0 after you’ve gotten the hang of things. The Flex model is built to be compact, but it packs the same powerful interface business owners and managers have come to expect from the Clover name.