How to Activate Crystals

Have you ever wondered how to activate crystals? It can be pretty difficult to know the right way to use crystals, and a lot of people might use them wrong without realizing it.

But worry not, as we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll give you some tips for activating crystals, helping you to harness their magical and spiritual powers as often as possible. 

Elemental Activation

It is one way to activate crystals, which is believed to promote healing powers. Elemental activation is a method of energizing healing crystals for spiritual purposes by combining the earth’s 4 elements: earth, water, air, and fire. 

Begin by cleansing it with sage, water, or sea salt, then select a method to activate your stone. The first method is to ground the crystal in the earth by burying it in the soil or placing it in a container filled with soil.

Next is to direct the air element by playing music, chanting, and sound waves. Then use the element of water by running it under a tap or placing it in a bowl of holy water, salt water, or other liquid.

Finally, use the fire element such as a flame, electric current, or holding the crystal and visualize white light energy. Affirm your intention and store your crystal until ready for use.

Crystal Activation 

The key is to focus your intention and desire for the stone to work towards whatever energy your goal may be. It is important to clear the crystal of any negative energy, so it is suggested to place it under the running water of a faucet, place it in a bowl of purified salt water, or bury it overnight in loose earth if possible. 

Speak aloud what you would like it to represent or the goal you would like to accomplish while visualizing the end result. Store your crystal in a designated place, preferably where it will receive sunlight and moonlight, to receive its powerful, activated energies.

Spiritual Activation

Crystals play an important role in spiritual activation, and many cultures around the world have believed that using crystals can help channel spiritual power. To activate a crystal for spiritual activation, specifically one that is interested in moldavite, the crystal needs to be sanctified.

This process involves cleansing it of any outside energy and then purifying it with smoke, incense, or water and salt. Then, the person needs to recite a special mantra and set their intention.

This intention could range from making a wish or connecting with a certain spiritual figure. Visualize light and healing energy radiating from the crystal into our very being.

Learn How to Activate Crystals Today

Learning how to activate crystals is a wonderful way to give them purpose and infuse them with your intention. With this simple ritual, you can uplevel the energy of your crystals and connect with their healing power.

Try it today and see the magical transformation that can occur in your life.

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