EAT, PRAY, LOVE BY Elizabeth Gilbert- Movie Review

Well, have you ever come across marriage, divorce, unhappiness with some realization to do better and then further it made you curious enough to trace, how to find it? Where would you find it, why do you need the feel of it and the series of other lined up question? Well, the same happens to a married woman when she realizes how unhappy her marriage really and how her life needs to go in a different direction.

After a painful divorce, Without her husband Stephen realizing it, they arrived at different places in their life, which leads to admitting that she wants to come out of the marriage.  she takes off to the world journey to “find herself”.Writer Elizabeth Gilbert has reached a crisis of faith, despite this Liz immediately jumps into a relationship with the actor, David who she meets literally while he is performing in a stage play. After spending time with David, she realizes that she is her biggest problem and that she needs to find herself. In her journey, she maps a trip next year, which she wanted to spend in all three places.

The first is Italy to learn Italian and, discover the true pleasure of nourishment by eating in Italy which then became more a matter of concern. The second was India at the ashram of a yogi to find the power of prayer in India and the third was Indonesia to reconnect and, finally to find the inner peace and balance of true love in Bali with the medicine man to see if he can provide any more insights. Although she sticks to her plan, she often experiences things along the way she didn’t expect. But everything she worked for so hard was lost by the end of her stay in Indonesia to find a balance in her life.

The novel is well constructed with all the elements of love, suspense, faith and realization with the struggle to find herself. It makes you gasp harder, curl your toes, makes you think, makes you feel desperate, makes you believe, gives you hope also you cry oceans.

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Author- Neerja Biwalkar