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What is keyword Difficulty and its Importance?

Keyword analysis or research is the backbone of SEO and the campaigns of content marketing. It establishes the foundation for your content strategy and advises you on which keywords to target. Everyone knows the weightage of Keyword in every content , but it equally important to know the rant and best keyword for your marketing campaign!

What is Keyword Difficulty?

The technique of determining how difficult it is to rank in Google’s organic search results for a certain term is known as keyword difficulty (also known as “SEO difficulty” or “keyword competitiveness”). The difficulty of a keyword is determined by a number of factors, including domain authority, page authority, and content quality.

And for that keyword research tools are use to calculate the matrices and to find the keyword difficulty. Due to the high difficulty of ranking websites, the higher the keyword difficulty, the more difficult it is to rank on the first SERP.

When determining which keywords to target, keyword difficulty is an important statistic to consider. As a result, you should avoid focusing on highly competitive keywords because it is difficult to rank for those terms. You also don’t want to target keywords with a very low level of competition, because those aren’t likely to have a lot of search volume.

There are many sites in which you can measure the keyword difficulty such as:




The phrase “keyword difficulty” is frequently used to refer to a metric found in SEO tools that evaluates the ranking difficulty of each keyword on a scale of 0 to 100.

Importance of Keyword Difficulty

It’s a crucial step in the keyword research process. Keyword difficulty, together with monthly search volume and other parameters, aids in the selection of the best keywords for SEO. Every tool measures keyword difficulty differently, and that’s the only issue here. In fact, we recently discovered that the difficulty scores of major keyword tools were all over the place even for the same same term..