The Homeownership Benefits of Installing Residential Solar Panels

According to the SEIA, the solar industry has grown by 42% per year in the last decade and continues to boom across the USA. There’s no denying that solar power benefits the environment, but that’s not the only factor driving this phenomenal growth. 

There are many other reasons why the smart homeowner chooses to install residential solar panels. Here’s why you should start your search for the best solar company in your area, right away. 

Cost Saving Benefits

A solar energy system represents a considerable financial investment, but you always save with solar.

When you opt for an off-grid solar system, you don’t pay any electricity bills ever again. If you opt for net metering or a power purchase agreement, you’ll still pay a lot less for the energy you use. 

There are more ways you stand to benefit financially with solar, though. For instance, customers who’ve gone through the process of going solar with BRS, report increased home values, too.

In many states, you won’t need to pay the increased property taxes that usually go hand-in-hand with an elevated home value, either.

Residential Solar Panels Provide Clean Energy

Solar energy is sustainable and infinitely renewable. That means there’s no pollution involved, and you never have to worry about running out of power.

When you install solar, power outages are of no concern to you. Solar panels are low-maintenance and supremely reliable. They don’t falter in inclement weather, and only lose a small percentage of their efficiency in low light. 

As the Earth’s fossil fuels start to run out, prices will continue to escalate. The sun’s energy is free and will remain so for several million years. 

Solar power creates no carbon emissions, ensuring a clean, pollution-free, and safe future. 

Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

When you get electricity from solar sources, you’re decreasing the number of fossil fuels burned by power producers. This means less pollution and fewer carbon emissions.

Reducing carbon emissions and global warming doesn’t present immediate benefits to homeowners. Yet, it will affect you down the line. 

Global warming disrupts normal weather patterns and is causing increasingly severe weather incidents. These phenomena impact harvests across the country, driving food prices up.

If we want to continue enjoying reliable weather and the resulting food security, we must all do our bit toward reducing carbon emissions. 

Solar Panel Installations Create Jobs

From the above, it’s clear that the only costs involved in solar energy production involve manufacturing and installing solar panels.

The solar industry maintains hundreds of thousands of jobs throughout the United States. So, when you hire a local solar company to carry out your installation, you’re supporting your community.

A thriving community means prosperity for all, which translates into less crime and improved property values.  

Moving With the Times

Although the initial costs are off-putting for some, residential solar panels pay for themselves within 20 years. When you pay electricity bills for that long, you’ll have nothing to show for it.

There’s no doubt that solar energy is a good choice for every homeowner who wants clean, reliable energy that delivers long-term value.

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