How to Get Financing on Dirt Bike Tires

Newbie in bike riding field or an experienced rider, if looking to invest in dirt bike tires! Then the questions that pop out in your mind would be: 

  • Is it the right time to invest? 
  • Currently, do you have the budget for purchasing? 
  • Do you have considered selecting the second hand or used tires or decided to purchase new tires for your bike?
  • Which are the best dirt bike tires in the market? One must consider all the points mentioned above before investing in dirt bike tires.

When looking for the best dirt bike tires, considering the performance and safety of your vehicle, you can get an idea about how to choose dirt bike tires with the help of below-mentioned points:

  1. Thickness/ width of the tire
  2. Aspect Ratio of the tire, i.e. height to width ratio of the tire.
  3. Speed Rating
  4. Tire Structure, either it is belted or radial
  5. Rim Width

How to Choose Dirt Bike Tires?

Mainly there are four types of riding styles, and one must choose the dirt bike tires accordingly.

Dual Sport: Dual sport ride is a legal on-road dirt bike ride. The tire you choose should be sturdy and provide easy handling and consistent grip on different grounds and areas. But this type of tyres cannot be used if you plan to race.

Motocross/ Supercross: Motocross and supercross are basically the two racing seasons. Both have the trails consisting of difficult loops, twists and turns, jumps, and lots of dirt. In supercross, there is a man-made track, and in motocross, there is a natural track. Muddy, stony, even covered in dust tracks, all of these tracks requires a different type of tire.

Off-road/Trail Riding: Trail /off-road races are the races without track. In this race, riders are judged by their ability to ride through the rocks, bushes and trees, deserts, and many other obstacles. Riders must cross the hindrances without touching their feet to the ground. 

ENDURO: ENDURO is a type of trail riding, but it includes larger off-road tracks with more difficult hindrances. Tire used are way more different than any other tires. 

Best Dirt Bike Tires/Brands 2020:

Below is the list of best dirt bike tires producing companies

· Michelin

· Pirelli

· Dunlop

· Continental

· Metzeler

· Bridgestone

· Shinko

· Maxxis

Best Dirt Bike Tires 2020:

According to the best motorcycle tire review of 2020, below is the list of best tires:

  1. Best Overall Street Tires – Michelin Pilot Road 4
  2. Best High-Performance Sports Tire – Metzeler M7RR
  3. Top Long-Range Touring Tire – Metzeler Roadtec 01
  4. Best High-Performance Track Tire – Pirelli Diablo SuperCorsa SP
  5. Top Budget Motorcycle Tires – Continental ContiMotion
  6. Best Motocross Off-Road Tire – Bridgestone M403/M404
  7. Best Cruiser Motorcycle Tire – Michelin Commander II
  8. Best Ultra High-Performance Road Tire – Pirelli Diablo Rosso III

Hoe to get Finance on Dirt Bike Tires:

One can get finance on dirt bike tires/parts under the head of ATV/UTV Financing, credit score loan, personal loans, OEM loans, Dealership Financing, and by using Credit Cards.

ATV/UTV Parts Financing:

Parts Producing companies provide ATV/UTV parts financing, which also includes bad credit loans. Other parts producing companies are also providing financing facility.

Credit Score Loan

One can apply for credit, but it is necessary to check your credit score before applying. Low credit score means a lower interest rate. 

Personal Loans

One can apply for personal loan as well—there two types of loan, secure and unsecured loans. An unsecured loan can be paid within a specific time limit and under specific terms and conditions.

OEM Loans

OEM loans are like dealership loans which are based on credit score and higher interest rates.

Dealership Financing

This financing is also for qualified customers and has high-interest rates.

Credit Cards

One can purchase through credit cards as you wouldn’t have to worry about the credit score checks and loan applications. Later on, you will not have to worry about returns.

As the financing amount of dirt bike tire is not huge, so one must try to avoid taking a loan that has higher interest rates.