Social distancing spirit goes for a toss at liquor shops

It is said that Drink because you are happy, but not when you feel miserable. But for now its just working vice-versa in many states of country.Looks like to get out of lock down frustrations, people wants to change their mood and with the opening of liquor shops all they want is to cheers to have anesthesia of good feeling.

People lined up outside liquor stores to buy wine in white, green and red areas in many parts of the country.With the Ministry of the Home affairs decreasing restrictions for wine shops to operate during the forced lock-out of COVID-19, a great number of people are lining up for liquor outside many Delhi shops and other parts of the country.

States also advocated the opening of coronavirus liquor shops. Real reasoning to maximize revenue collection behind the opening of the liquor store.State Governments are running out of funds to combat new coronavirus and alcohol sales are a strong source of government revenue.

But this strong source of generating revenue could also be turned into strong source of virus infection , as people are not maintaining any social distancing norms.