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Essential Tips When Cooking with Unico Zelo Wines

A bottle of your favourite wine can bring a different zest to your favourite home-cooked meals, sharing the delicate flavours and tangy taste to your dishes. This is because wine is salty with certain additives that can enhance the taste of your cooking.

Wine can be used in three different ways – a cooking liquid, added flavouring to complete a dish, or a marinade ingredient. The purpose of using the spirit in your cooking is to intensify the taste, accent flavors, or provide a certain aroma to your food.  

Using wine like those from the collection of Unico Zelo brings the real Australian taste to pamper your cravings. Australian-crafted wine provides a fresh and fruity flavor that can either be soft or intense, depending on the wine used. 

Wine also provides a pleasant aroma, which lets you feel a consistent quality in every taste. And just like the choice of seasoning, this extra ingredient should be chosen with care when cooking. Using too little might not be enough to influence the taste of the dish, while too much can be overpowering.  

Always Get Your Wine Selection Sorted 

It can be quite tempting to use wines you haven’t tasted just out of curiosity, but you might be harming than good. Remember that your food’s delicacy can be influenced by the aroma and taste of the spirit, and it would be inappropriate to pour the bottle without tasting. 

One rule of thumb when using wine for cooking is to use the ones that you like. There are a lot of selections from Unico Zelo, so you’ll never run out of selection. If you want your dish to have that unique herbaceous aromatics, you can use the Nebbiolo, Barbera, or Sangiovese variety. Or you can get your dish fired up with the racy and crackling acidity of a Fiano variety. 

Each bottle of wine possesses its characteristics, and if you fancy their uniqueness, you have to taste them before adding to your favourite menu. Its delicacy brings a twist to your home-cooked meals, allowing you to savour its softness or intensity in every bite.

Choose Clean and Fresh Wines for Cooking Additive

Choosing wine for your food may be a little experimental, so it is always better to choose clean and fresh selections. Never pick a corked wine because it can have a vinegary taste that can ruin your cooking.

Leftovers from a wine decanter can be placed in a small bottle, so air doesn’t spoil it. Unused wine sitting for a couple of days can still be used in cooking but avoid using ones that have been sitting in your cupboard for more than five months.

Also, never use wines labelled for cooking use because they tend to have poor quality. If you want a savoury meal, always opt for the ones you are familiar with. It doesn’t have to be those expensive bottles but something that sits within your everyday selection bracket – not too cheap and not too pricey.


If you are unsure of your wine selection, it is always better to opt for one with a crisp taste. Crisp wines are a versatile selection because of their aromatic character and medium-bodied taste.

Go with the Pinot Noir or Pinot Gris for that added aromatics, or opt for a medium-bodied taste and aroma with the Halcyon Days, Sauvignon Blanc, or Blanc de Blancs. Choosing wine for your home-cooked meal brings a different vibe to your favorite dishes, lending both its taste and aroma to your cuisine. 

Author: Ester Adams