Blood Moon 2019- All You Need To Know About

The Total Lunar Eclipse of 2019 is going to start at 11:41pm ET, 20th January. In India it will be around at 10:11 am on 21st January. But the eclipse will not be visible in India and other Asian countries like Australia . Lunar eclipse will last for around 62 minutes. No special equipment is needed to watch this show, it can be visible through naked eye if the sky is clear.

According to NASA, eclipse can be see across North America, South America, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Britain, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, France and Spain. It is the only total lunar eclipse of 2019 and next will be on 2021.Eclipse will be at peak when moon comes closer to the shadow of earth.

It is also called as “Super-moon”  because the moon will be at closest distance to the earth in the orbit.

So what’s special about Super-moon , well all our planet satellite will be appearing 14% larger and around 30% brighter in the sky. It is also termed as “Blood Moon “because the moon will look like a red in color because earth will be in the way of sun and moon hence it will block the sunlight toward moon. Only the red wavelength light will pass through to moon and it will appear in reddish color because of light reflection. In January full moon is also called as “wolf moon”.

Belief about Lunar Eclipse in India

Most of the peoples found eclipse as unlucky especially for pregnant women and peoples avoid going to outside, eating food at the time of eclipse. It is also said that temperature will drop after the eclipse and weather will change which will cause snow fall in northern areas.

Swikriti Dandotia