What Is Involved in Solar Panel Installation? A Quick Explanation

Are you interested in solar panels? They are a fantastic renewable energy source that continues to grow in capacity. In 2020, 43% of all new electric capacity added to the grid came from solar.

Most homeowners research the benefits of solar panels before deciding whether to invest or not. But others have more questions. A common question is about solar panel installation.

If you are curious about how a solar panel installation service works, read on for everything you need to know. 

Panel Installation Service Inspection

First, the solar panel installation service will send an engineer to inspect your property. This is before you sign the contract.

The engineer may work for the solar panel installation company, or they will be freelance. However, they will have experience with this renewable energy source and panel installation.

The engineer will evaluate whether your space, roof, and electrical system are compatible. They will suggest whether you can make any changes to ensure you can have solar power installation.

Sometimes an engineer does not need to visit if a solar power installation company visits and sends details for the engineer to approve. 

Secure the Permits and Documentation

You have to make sure your solar panels are legal, which means filling in the documentation and applying for permits. You will also be applying for state or federal incentive programs that can reduce the upfront costs of solar panels in different ways, such as a tax credit

You also have to fill out building permits and make sure your panels follow local requirements. Sometimes the solar panel installation company will also help you apply for local licenses and help you complete other paperwork correctly. It is best to go with a local solar panel installation service that is familiar with the rules, such as Blue Raven Solar in Texas. 

Order the Equipment and Book Installation 

The next step is for the solar panel installation service to order the equipment. You will know what type of solar panels you want at this stage, as you would have already signed the contract. Once the equipment is ordered, you can arrange what day you want your solar panel installation.

Solar Panel Installation Day

It is time to get your solar panels installed! Time lengths vary depending on the solar panels you choose and your home. On average, it can take one to three days. 

The solar panel installation company will secure your roof, the wiring, racking, and panels to the inverters. 

Solar Panel Installation Approval

The final step is to get approval from a local government representative. They will inspect your system to check it meets standards, is safe, and correct. After they approve it, a representative from the local utility company will connect your system to the grid.

Enjoy Your Solar Panels

Once you complete solar panel installation, it is time to enjoy your solar panels. There are steps to a successful installation, but you will be in good hands with the right solar panel installation company. Plus, the many benefits of solar panels make all the hard work worth it!

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