Roof Replacement With Solar Panels: This Is How It Works

Do you have residential solar panels on your roof?

Solar panels add about $15,000 to your home value. They’re worthy investments beyond energy savings. After all, the amount you save depends on your consumption and local electricity rates.

However, roof replacement can be a problem. The project is already complex enough without a solar panel system. You might ask whether you must remove your panels before replacing a roof. 

In this guide, we’ll do our utmost to address these concerns. Read on and learn what to consider beforehand.

Removing the Panels Before Roof Replacement

You have no way of preventing this necessary process. It means you will have no means of accessing renewable energy until your roof replacement concludes. Your home will rely on utility grid power once again.

Prepare for a higher utility bill while you figure out how to replace a roof. Your home power will also wink out for a few minutes after removing the panels. It also applies when you reinstall them.

Your roofers aren’t the people responsible for removing your solar panels. They have no training or skill to handle the process. Find solar installers near me since they have the qualifications.

Removing and reinstalling the panels take about a day each. Add a few days to your replacement project for these steps.

Be Careful When Picking the New Roofing Material

It’s tempting to switch to a newer roof material. Whether it’s more energy-efficient, durable, or affordable, these materials may use different solar mounting brackets. When you change your material, prepare to buy new hardware.

Ask some reputable solar companies before starting your project. They will determine whether your chosen roofing material can use your current mounting hardware. If not, ask whether they can deliver new ones before the project finishes.

This step prevents delays when reinstalling your home solar panels.

Pick Service Providers Willing to Collaborate

Both roofers and solar contractors give services affecting your home. It holds even when they aren’t working directly with one another. Act as a liaison between these companies.

You are the homeowner, meaning you’re in control of the project. You have the final say on everything. Choose a roofing provider willing to work with your solar contractor.

Give both companies each other’s contact information. It allows them to work on the project together. Their collaboration ensures your project finishes faster.

Consider Replacing Your Roof Before Installing Panels

When your roof is at its final legs, replace it before installing solar panels. Get a professional to inspect your roof. Ensure you have plenty of years left to make the most out of your solar power system.

Consider Switching to Solar Now

These are some considerations before your roof replacement project. Never let lack of preparation cost you thousands of dollars. Use these to ensure your roof and solar panel system are ready.

However, replacing your roof is only the beginning. Consider other home improvement projects today.

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