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International Carrot Day 4th April 2021

Every year  4th April is celebrated as International Carrot Day or Carrot Day, which is the culmination for carrot lovers around the world. The day is when carrot and other carrot-related groups are celebrated.

Carrot Day was founded in 2003 to raise awareness of the carrot and its health benefits around the world. The day is becoming increasingly popular, with celebrations reported in France, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Japan on April 4th, 2012.

Carrots are a biennial herb in the Apiaceae family of umbellifers. It produces a rosette of leaves at first when expanding the taproot. Fast-growing cultivars achieve maturity in three months (90 days) after seeding, while slower-maturing cultivars take a month longer (120 days). The roots are rich in alpha- and beta-carotene, as well as vitamin K and B6, and are a healthy source of vitamin B6.

Carrots are a root crop that come in a variety of colors, including purple, black, red, white, and yellow. The Daucus carota, natives of Europe and Southeast Asia is a domesticated type of wild carrot. The plant was originally cultivated for its leaves and seeds in Persia, and it is believed to have originated there.

Some Unknowing Facts about Carrot

Carrots were first grown as medicine, not fruit, to treat a number of ailments.

In historical records and sculptures, carrots can be dated to over 5,000 years. Since many people mistook carrots for parsnips, a close relative of the carrot, no one knows when the first carrots emerged.

In 2015, a total yield of about 2,4 billion pounds including 71,550 acres of fresh market carrots was harvested.

A medium-sized carrot contains 25 calories with 6 g carbon dioxide and 2 g of fiber. Vegetables are an ideal source of vitamin A, which supplies over 200% of the daily requirements in just one carrot. Beta carotene, a natural chemical that transforms the body in vitamin A is filled with carotene. The deeper your carrot, the more beta-carotene you’