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Why Choose a Self Drive Car Rental in Chennai

Car subscription services are on the rise in the country, especially in Chennai. Being one of the major metro cities in India, people look at these services as comfortable options. 

Many people go to different places for their work trips, sightseeing, or just for a long drive. In such cases, rather than depending on some cab company to pick you up, you can drive yourself. And you can save money with services that provide self drive car rental in Chennai.

Everyone hates getting caught in traffic, and that’s where rental cars come in handy. There’s no need to rely on someone else’s driving experience when you can zoom past in style at your preferred pace. 

Car Rental vs. Car Purchase

By 2015, Chennai became the Indian city with the highest vehicular density. It has pushed Delhi back to the second spot, even if it has a higher vehicle population. 

So, if you’re still thinking about buying a car, why not find some alternatives? Car rentals can be good choices if you want to reduce traffic and pollution. 

Other reasons why renting a car make more sense:

More fun, less responsibility – Owning a car can be a long-term responsibility. Instead, you may just subscribe to a car for a week or month, and give it back. Also, you should take care of the maintenance and service costs. Then there is the insurance premium you have to pay every year. Any kind of damage – small or big – is up to you to handle. 

But with car rentals, the firm that provides the vehicles takes care of all these. Before they bring the car to you, they make sure it gets properly serviced. As several users take the cars regularly, the rental company maintains them well.

No risk of depreciation with car rentals – You may be very excited to get your hands on your new car. Since you have invested a lot of money, you will surely take good care of it. However, the brutal fact is that its value keeps diminishing.

Besides, Chennai is a bustling tech and industrial hub; so, the on-road prices can be high. As each year goes by, the car faces some depreciation. It may not give you good returns if you decide to sell. In contrast, you do not lose money on a car rental or subscription. And, you can drive as much or as little as you wish. 

A wide variety of choices – When buying a car, it may be challenging to decide on one model. You look at the features, specifications, colors, variants, etc. After the purchase, you are stuck with it for years. You may even wonder about driving other stylish cars that you see on the road. 

Car rentals give you a lot of choice in the available models. You can get one now and when the time is up, choose another. So, you have a splendid experience of driving some of the most enviable models.

Taxis vs. Car Rentals

It is true that anywhere you look, you can find cabs and taxis nowadays. Other kinds of road transport and public transit are also available. However, nothing beats the satisfaction you get while arriving at your destination on your terms.

Next, there is the matter of fuel efficiency and cost. You may have noticed that some people take a longer route to reach a place. 

They may have no idea where to turn, as some routes can be misleading. For instance, many cab drivers get confused at the five-road junction of Chennai’s Royapettah. This kind of driving takes up a lot of fuel and costs you more. 

Especially if you are hiring a cab for an outstation trip, some companies may charge you double. They justify the price saying that they have to return empty, so they add the fare back, too.

Not to mention, the price/km between, let’s say, Chennai to Tiruvottiyur is also exorbitant. It makes you cringe as you reach for your wallet. You can be free of these troubles by choosing the right service that offers self drive car rental in Chennai. Rent a car at affordable prices, based on the type of vehicle you pick. 

Who Can Choose Car Rentals?

People who can benefit from car subscription models are students and employees who travel often. Persons who want to save money or have no time for car maintenance can easily rent a car. Renting is ideal for drivers that want to sample various options or who hate sharing their vehicle. 

On an hour-long drive, say, from Chennai to Kanchipuram or Mahabalipuram, you can drive in comfort. You can retain your privacy when traveling with your family. Choose a car subscription service and avoid strangers from listening to your personal matters.

Author:- Ester Adams