The Saffron Town of Kashmir-Pampore

The word saffron itself has its importance-wherever its get added whether in politics or in food it always add a flavor to it!!!!

On the way from Jammu to Srinagar we stopped for a few minutes on the roadside. There were many shops selling saffron in a single row. Out of curiosity we asked among each other where we are because definitely it was not Srinagar, our driver shouted from back- Madamji you are in Pampore!!

Till now I knew Kashmir only because of its natural beauty and landscape, but then it added a beautiful picture of saffron in my mind.
I am talking about Pampore or Pampur which is a notable town situated on the eastern side of the river Jhelum in Srinagar-Jammu National Highway in Jammu and Kashmir. It is overall well known for its Saffron, so known as “Saffron Town of Kashmir”. The region is around 11 km from Srinagar downtown.

Pampore is known for best quality saffron production along with Iran and Spain in world .Saffron is the most valuable spice in the world comes with lavishing price – 3 lakhs/kg in Indian market.

There are just a few places in the entire world where saffron grows. Kashmir has the great benefit of being one of these spots. The saffron plant is little and its and the only part which is seen above the ground is the flower. The saffron flower  bloom in autumn and it has a unique sweet fragrance which is used for dyeing and cooking.

There is a famous quote about saffron which we can relate with our life…

Original saffron always add a flavor but duplicate saffron only adds color.

In order to attract the tourist Saffron festival is organized in Pampore town. This festival is organized in the last week of October to November.

So next time if you are planning to do road trip to Srinagar please take out some time to have a stop at Pampore  to enjoy Saffron beauty.


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