Rishi Kapoor another Indian Cinema Gem died at 67 after a two-year-long battle with cancer

Amitabh Bachchan posted the news on Twitter. “He’s GONE .. ! Rishi Kapoor .. gone .. just passed away .. I am destroyed !”

Rishi breathed his last at Mumbai Hospital of the Sir HN Reliance Foundation.The famous actor was unhealthy for some time and was admitted to the Mumbai hospital. Neetu Kapoor and Ranbir were on his side constantly. Randhir Kapoor revealed in a statement that on Wednesday morning Rishi was rushed to hospital.

In 2018, Rishi Kapoor was diagnosed with cancer, during which the actor underwent treatment for more than a year in New York. After rehabilitation, he returned to India in September 2019.

Rishi Kapoor had been filming in the capital for Sharmaji Namkeen when he was ill earlier this year and was eventually moved to a hospital in Mumbai. According to reports, the actor was fighting cancer recurrence. He was the thirdborn of Raj Kapoor, and was older to Reema Jain and Rajeev Kapoor, after Randhir and later Ritu Nanda.

In 2018, Rishi Kapoor was diagnosed with cancer, during which the actor underwent treatment for more than a year in New York. While returning in India this year, during a visit to New Delhi, he was hospitalized again in New Delhi in early February.

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Rishi Kapoor made his first film debut in 1973 with Bobby opposite Dimple Kapadia and he was also seen in films like Shree 420 or Mera Naam Joker as a child actor.

Emraan Hashmi’s The Body saw the Rishi Kapoor for the last time.

Rishi Kapoor also spoke about cancer rumors on Twitter and posted them: 

“I have been overwhelmed by all your concern about my health.Thank you. I have been filming in Delhi past 18 days and because of the Pollution and my low count of neutrophils, I caught an infection whereby I had to be hospitalized. I was running a slight fever and on investigation,Dr.s found a patch which could have lead to pneumonia,was detected and is being cured. People seem to have assumed a lot different. I put to rest all those stories and look forward to entertain and love you.”

His onscreen presence in films like ‘Amar Akbar Anthony,’ ‘Bobby’ and ‘Chandni’ and many more makes Rishi Kapoor a versatile actor in Indian Cinema. The actor also played a brilliant role in the iconic film ‘Mera Naam Joker’ of his father.

Rishi Kapoor has always been a very active on Twitter, sharing jokes, memes and controversial statements on a regular. This was his last tweet: