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Nothing feels more vacant than an empty wall. A blank wall is akin to a blank canvas, and the need to fill it with art engulfs one. A wall, sans decorations, sans paintings sans a purpose is gloomy and unattractive whether the house is new or old.

One of the most reliable and innovative methods to fill up an empty wall is to make use of a handmade wall hanging. This new addition can enhance the whole look of the room and hence add a personal touch.

What are the benefits of a handmade wall hanging?

1. Beauty: A thoughtfully arranged wall space has a charm of its own. Wall hangings do not just beautify wall spaces; they light up the whole interior.

2. Colour Combination: It can be considered as a cost-effective alternative to choosing a colour palette for interiors. Selecting a wall hanging that goes well with the wallpaper or wall paint is a gamechanger in this case. Certain wall hangings like Macrame wall hangings go well with almost all colours, and hence one can invest blindly in it.

3. Affordable: Wall hangings are the best option for anyone trying to redecorate a room cost-effectively. While furnishing or other decorations are costly and time-consuming, wall hangings add a flair to a room without costing a fortune.

4. Texture: Macrame wall hangings, which are wall-hanging made out of a versatile fibre by knotting(handmade), are in vogue now. One of the main attractions of a Macrame wall hanging is its ability to add tactile interest to the wall space. The knotted weaving provides a textural detailing and hence makes a boring wall quite interesting.

5. Final touch: A good quality wall hanging that suits an interior’s walls is the final piece in the empty wall puzzle.

Are wall hangings mere pieces of decorations?

No, not all wall hangings are mere pieces of decorations. Most of the wall hangers available in the market these days are multi-utility.

Some of the multi-utility wall hangings are as follows:

1. The plant holder: An indoor plant is an ideal option to glam up wall space. But with a wall hanging plant holder, one can add texture to a wall and bring about a contemporary touch to the interiors. Lush green indoor plants in Macrame plant holders transform a boring wall into a space that speaks for itself.

2. The organiser: A wall hanging that accentuates the wall’s beauty by providing chambers to organise stuff is a perfect choice for any interior with little wall space. These can be used for managing anything ranging from house keys to household bills.

3. The shelves: A wall hanging with a shelf attached to it is the ultimate game changer in the field of multi-utility wall hangings. Macrame wall hanging shelves, with their rich texture and the shelves’ utility space, make any room glow differently.

Things that have to be considered before buying a wall hanging

1. Wall colour or wallpaper: Wall hangers that complement a wall’s colour should be chosen to create the desired impact. For instance, selecting a black Macrame wall hanging for a bare white wall is more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional creme coloured ones.

2. Area of the wall space: For interiors having lesser wall space, it is ideal to choose a single wall hanging rather than crowding. Multi-utility wall hangings can be utilised in these cases as things can be organised, thus saving up more space.