7 Fascinating places to visit in Paris

What makes Paris the world’s most romantic city? Why this place has a reputation of being truly enchanting and mystique? What named it a city of light?

Let us find out answers with 7 fascinating places to visit when you are in Paris. People often wait(or save) a lifetime to experience this city.

1.Eiffel Tower :

Starting at the Eiffel Tower in the morning, snap the essential touristy shots before all the crowds arrive in the afternoon. The 300meter tower’ as it was first called, was erected in just over two years, to be the main attraction at the 1889 world fair. Paris recognized by the presence of Eiffel Tower and its ambiance naturally is lovey-dovey.

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Gustave  Eiffel who focused on the project from start to finish which enabled its completion and its survival. Eiffel Tower stands 324 m tall and weighs 10,100 tons. Created in 2 years, 2 months and 5 days

You can go up the Eiffel Tower by the stairs or by lift. On the completely refurbished 1st floor, there are shops; on the 2nd, treat yourself to a gastronomic meal at the famous Jules Verne restaurant, 125 meters above the ground. You can easily find romantic scenes here. Couple holding hands together and kissing affectionately.

2.Place de la Concorde:

Created in 1772, Place de la Concorde was originally known for having been an execution site during the French Revolution. Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette (among others) were guillotined here. Between 1836 and 1846 the architect Jacques-Ignace Hittorf redesigned the square to become what it is today.

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This site to put terrible memories behind and pacifying revolutionary and royalist passions, its 23 meters and 230 tons of pink granite took four years to travel from Luxor!

3.The Jardin du Luxembourg:

  one of the capital’s oldest and most popular parks. It has numerous attractions, from toy boating to beekeeping, but for the last 30 years, it has been the home of Paris’ chess enthusiasts. 

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Paris is not only a Gothic architecture masterpiece but a site which was also the focus of Catholic Paris for 700 years. Although the cathedral is not France’s oldest or largest cathedral, it has very little completion in beauty and architectural harmony.

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As Paris has changed, Notre Dame Cathedral (Paris) also changed and grown over the years trying to fit into the rapid changes Paris went through.

The fire that destroyed two-thirds of the roof of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris on 15 APRIL 2019 did more than damage a beloved historic landmark: It also endangered the vast collection of Christian relics and artwork housed both within the building and on its grounds.

5. The Louvre – Home to Mona lisa

An honorary member of the world exclusive club of the greatest museum the louvre is the busiest, the bar set at ten million visitors a year with its 403 rooms and thousands of work dating back to 8000 BC, is now a museum filled with a long history which started 800 years ago.

Monalisa Leonardo da Vinci portrait of Lisa Gherardini Del Giocondo known as Lisa or Mona Lisa

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Although the identity of the model remains-some even sees an androgynous self-portrait- the Mona Lisa has nevertheless embodied a type of feminine ideal. Her extremely pure face is livened up by an enigmatic smile that contributed to her mythic aura. The model, captured at midbody is a ree-quarters angle, is seating before a loggia; in the back, lays an imaginary landscape, as a transition from earthly to heavenly.

6.Chateue de Versailles:

Versailles was originally an aristocratic hunting lodge, before capturing the dreams of the young Louis XIV.

Versailles is a place where once visionary King resides with his ambition of being remembered for generations and his glory of Hall of mirrors witnessing important events of French history is here.

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Hall of mirrors where The Treaty of Versailles (French: Traité de Versailles) was the most important of the peace treaties that brought World War I to an end was signed.

7.Center De Pompidou :

National Museum of Modern Art offers one of the most comprehensive panoramas of history of Art in the 20th and the 21st centuries.

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Spread over the two floors of the building, the display invites the tor to transfer the major sequence of modernity through a broad broad spectrum of the d including plastic arts, photography, Cinema, film, video, design sculpture, and even architecture.

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