The Healthy Eating

Healthy eating refers to eating smart as it completes physical goodness & emotional balance. It focuses on maintaining our Temple i.e. Body, Mind- Mental where what we think and feel both related for its well being of a full life. Good health and healthy eating are maintained by balancing the cycle from diet to regular exercise and from sleep to hygiene habits.

Benefits of good bite:

In this trending world of diseases, it is necessary to look for the benefits as healthy habits can help in preventing certain medical conditions. A good list of benefits includes weight loss, improved memory, strong bones and teeth, better mood n lastly but the most important health of the next generation.

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Sequencing this all its necessary to have whole foods instead of processed, say no to sugary drinks and always eat in smaller plates or portions and drink a glass of water before you start eating as any diet taken in portion helps better than gulping till the hunger dies.

Risk of poor nutrition:

You can successfully age by avoiding health which can relate them to various poor nutrition issues like overweight, tooth decay, high BP, heart disease and strokes, cancer and various more. Unhealthy eating also has a surprising effect on mental health. The relationship between junk food and violent behavior is seen also fast food intake has also shown to correlate with suicidal thoughts.

The principal to live longer and better is to, Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food.

Neerja Biwalkar

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