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National Wear Red Day 2020:Activities,Motive and Facts

Heart disease Kills more women then cancer combined

The National wear red day takes place in various countries in February to raise awareness of heart diseases and encourage people around you to prevent heart problems. On this occasion People are wearing red to support the awareness campaign.

Which countries observe national red wear day?

  • United states-It happens every year in America on the first Friday of February where people wear red. This year it will be observed on 7th Feburary.
  • United Kingdom– Wear Red Day is coordinated by Yorkshire-based charity Children’s Heart Surgery Fund in the United Kingdom every February to raise awareness of congenital heart disease.This year it will be celebrated on 7th Feburary.
  • Canada-In Canada it will be celebrated on 13th February to raise awareness about women’s heart health. 
  • Australia– This year it will observed on Friday, 14th February 2020 to honour those close to your heart. In Austraila people wear red on this day to help keep families together for longer.
  • France – In France it is observed as RED DAY on May 16th , “Sauvez Le Coeur Des Femmes” (RED DAY) promotes education, prevention, better diagnosis and management of heart disease-related risk factors among women.
  • Netherland – In the month of September , Dress Red Day is observed to raise awareness and collect online donations for fighting heart disease.

Some facts shared by American Heart Association on Heart disease and stroke

  • Heart disease is women’s No. 1 Killer. A woman gets killed every 80  seconds from heart disease and stroke. That is 1 in 3 deaths every year among  women.
  • With education and action, eighty per cent of these deaths can be prevented – steps such as managing blood pressure, controlling cholesterol, reducing blood sugar, becoming more active, eating better, losing weight and stopping smoking.
  • For women warning signs aren’t the same as for men. The most common symptom of men and women having a heart attack is chest pain or  discomfort. Yet women are more likely to suffer shortness of breath,  nausea or vomiting and signs of back pain or jaw pain.
  • Over 2,200 Americans die every single day from heart disease, that’s one death every 39 seconds. And on average, every 40 seconds someone in the United States experiences a stroke, while about every four minutes there is a stroke-related death.

Activities to do on National Red Wear Day

  • In the fight against heart disease early detection will make a huge difference. Visit a doctor to review your overall health, including your cardiovascular health.
  • Doing something physical every day will help you live a happier, longer life. You will significantly lower the risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes with just 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise at least 5 days a week.
  • Stress may cause some of the cardiovascular risk factors.Taking a few moments out of your day to decompress, meditate or just do a few yoga poses will dramatically reduce your blood pressure and put you on a healthy path.
  • Sharing is caring , spread awareness about this day to your followers or friends on social media platforms .
  • Organize a healthy lunch or dinner for your family,close friends do a get together to discuss about preventing cardiovascular diseases, like knowing your family history and encourage each other to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Impact of National Wear Red Day

Almost 90 percent of women have undergone at least one change of health, over 50 percent have increased exercises, and over 40 percent have checked their cholesterol level since National Wear Road Day began in 2003.