How to Pick Solar Installation Services: Everything You Need to Know

The average house needs 20-25 solar panels to run. That’s quite the financial and time investment to waste on an installation service that isn’t qualified. Unfortunately, finding the right solar installation services can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to consider.

But, worry not – we’ve got you covered. Here is everything you need to know to pick solar installation services.

Look for a Trained, Certified, and Self-Performing Installer

Solar panel designs and installations can be challenging. Whether you’re looking to install a commercial or residential solar system, you need someone who will have direct control over the work.

Look for a solar installation service that is certified and whose team has extensive training in solar construction and electricals. Be on the lookout for companies with knowledge of safety practices and a proven track record.

Solar Installation Experience Can Make a Difference

How many years has the company been in business? How many installations have they done? While vetting options for solar companies, ensure that they have an established track record. They should provide proof of previous projects and specify if they carry out a few steps or end-to-end installations.

And while at it, ensure that the company didn’t start installing solar panels as a side hustle without becoming experts first.

Reviews and Client Testimonials Go a Long Way

Online reviews and client testimonials can give a lot of insight into a company. Simply type the company’s name, state, and reviews into Google Search and press enter. Take time to find out what experiences past clients had with the company. Are their systems still functional? How was the customer service?

Would they recommend the company? Be on the lookout for video testimonials as they are more credible than website testimonials. Talk to your friends and family and find out if they can refer you to a specific company.

Check the Warranty and Maintenance Skills

Contrary to popular opinion, not all solar companies offer workmanship warranty or maintenance on PV panels. This leaves homeowners without the necessary support in the years following an installation. To avoid this, work with a solar installation service that also offers a workmanship warranty and maintenance.

Ensure that the terms of the warranty are reasonable. Most licensed solar panel installation services offer a 20-25 year warranty, while inverters come with a limited warranty of 10-years. Moreover, you may be able to get a 1-year labor warranty.

Get Quotes From Multiple Contractors

The cost of solar can vary depending on your specific needs. As a result, it’s always a good idea to compare the billing structures of multiple solar installation services. The most straightforward approach is cost-per-watt, with the best installers charging a flat rate.

Compare at least three quotes from companies that send representatives to your home for an evaluation. Take advantage of the evaluation to answer any questions you may have, including;

  • Based on my energy use, how many panels should I buy?
  • Do you have the permits required by the city and state?
  • Have you installed a solar system at any nearby homes or businesses?

You want to ensure that you work with a company whose rates are competitive. Check out the rates of these professional solar installers here:

Pick Solar Installation Services You Can Trust

Hopefully, you now understand how to pick solar installation services that are reliable and trustworthy. It’s only then that you’ll get a high-quality solar system that you can trust to serve you for a long time.

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