Solar Energy Facts: Where Is Solar Energy Most Effective and Used?

Harnessing the power of the sun is growing thanks to more people knowing solar energy facts. Many people want to reduce their carbon footprint and rely on green energy to reduce climate change. The reduced cost of solar panels and better technology are just two reasons people choose solar energy. 

But where is it growing the most? Who is taking advantage of this clean energy source?

Here’s more about where people are using solar energy. 

Solar Energy Facts: China Produces the Most Solar Energy

One of the most significant solar energy facts you might not realize is that China is the biggest solar energy producer on the planet. 

By 2023, it will be cheaper to produce a solar panel system as an energy source than coal. By 2060, the sun will be the biggest solar energy producer in China, outpacing other fossil fuels. 

Better technology is also allowing China to store solar energy for future use. When the sun stays behind the clouds for a few days, it’s vital to have the technology to use stored solar energy for your home. 

Growth in U.S. Solar Energy 

The United States is growing when it comes to being a top solar energy producer. The solar panel system is the fastest-growing energy source in the U.S., and by 2050, nearly half of the U.S. will rely on solar power for its energy. 

Government programs providing tax incentives to homeowners and business owners are one of the biggest reasons for the growth of solar energy as an energy source. Many people are putting solar panels on their homes thanks to these programs in various states across the country. 

In many cases, you can harness the power of the sun for your home or business, and then you can sell the extra power back to the power company. Not only do you reduce the stress on the energy grid, but you also reduce your energy costs. 

While California produces the most solar power in the United States, various states like South Carolina are catching up to the trend. You can learn more solar energy facts to make solar energy a wise choice for your home or business.  


Location is critical if you want to become a solar energy producer. You want direct access to the sun, regardless of the time of year.

Tall buildings are best because few things get in the way. You also want to avoid trees and mountains that could hinder the light from the sun.

Shadows can be a problem. You’ll want to make sure you can maximize the sun reaching your solar panels.

Solar Energy Facts: Where Solar Energy Is Most Effective

While China is leading the world as the biggest solar energy producer, the United States is not behind. Many states across the country are also competing to become top solar producers. Locations such as tall buildings are also the best places where you’ll find solar panels as an energy source. 

Help reduce climate change and find out more about solar panels! 

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